In A Nutshell, If Your Social Media Consultant Isn’t Telling You These Things, Something’s Wrong

If your social media consultant is doing his or her job properly, the indicators will be simple to see and follow. Social media consultancy must never be compartmentalized or placed in a sort of silo activity and left on its own. Proper social media strategy isn’t like putting your social media marketer in a room and checking on him or her once a week. It doesn’t work that way. They should be telling you, or at least discussing with you, the following things:

What’s the real business goal?

It’s all good when social media consultancy can post, share, and interact with your target audience. But a business is a business and that means selling and making money, so you need to discuss with each other what the company’s larger goals are and HOW the company (or owner) wants to achieve this.

This means focusing on sales, brand awareness, and traffic rather than on online conversations.

Follower Counts Don’t Usually Count in Social Media Strategy

If your social media consultant is obsessed with the number of shares, likes, and followers, by all means, fire him or her!  This alone will not boost your sales; rather, he or she should be following up on WHO are doing the sharing, the liking, and who these followers are. If there are influencers like proven engaged followers, bloggers, niche followers, or active tweeters, then these are the people they should also be convincing to spread your message, in order for others to see this and be “influenced.”

One or two platforms are enough of a start

A proper social media strategy doesn’t mean jumping into all the social platforms. Consultants should know how to choose the best platforms for any business and start with just one or two. For instance, if your business is into fashion designing, but your consultant didn’t create a Facebook page, perhaps you need to give this person the boot and look for someone else.

Social Media Consultancy Means a Social Website As Well

Having the best social media platforms for your business but with no website is like doing audio advertisements for television. You can’t just rely on social platforms. A business website is a signal to potential customers that you mean business and that your business is well established enough to have a website. People tend to look at businesses on, say Facebook, but with no website as a sign that the business may only be temporary or isn’t that well established.

The business website is very important because you can optimize the site using keywords on the website and on social media platforms to get high rankings in search engines. This is an added bonus for the business.

I am no social media guru

This is a good sign from your consultant because if he or she says that they are, they aren’t, because no one can claim that title, except when it is bestowed on them by the public.