Take Note of Marketing Tips that Target Millennials

Millennials or 18-34 year-olds that belong to Gen Y thrive in the digital world spending at least 25 hours online per week. Ironically, the general social marketing strategy of many social marketers that target this age group involves leveraging multiple social media platforms and using digital ads that they tend to veer away from. This influential demographic is immune to traditional advertising strategies and considers their smartphones essential life tools with mobile-friendly content right at the core.

Instead of constantly using digital media ads that this age group finds too aggressive or ingenious, general marketing tips suggest spending more time analyzing how Millennials use digital and social media. This will allow you to conceptualize a marketing strategy that focuses on what they need and crave. Social marketing campaigns that are socially responsible, authentic, and unique often successfully address their need for a holistic digital experience.

Marketing Tips Can Make All the Difference

Get Local

Never think of Millennials as a whole. Instead, target a more localized segment by giving them post-worthy content. Videos, infographics, and images that they can share with family and friends appeal to them most. Your targeted niche of Millennials generally expects more from the brands they patronize and associate themselves with. Staying committed to the values you uphold and giving them the best quality, you can offer are key factors in realizing this.

Less video time is better

The average attention span of Millennials is less than 10 seconds. In those 10 seconds, you need to come up with a marketing strategy that can effectively lure them. The solution is four-, eight-, and ten-second videos that attract immediate attention on any news feed. It helps if your video has links to your main website or a landing page.

Social has better celebrities

Believe it or not, Millennials don’t like following hot celebrity A-listers. A few do, but these few aren’t worth the effort on any marketing campaign targeted at them. Instead, Millennials are more adept at following what they consider is worth their time like family, good and close friends, and perhaps their favorite movies, Attention, Millennial Star Wars fans! They also vouch for influencers who introduce them to brands that uphold the same values they advocate, coupled with great quality.

If you consistently post quality content in every format – videos, articles, infographics, images, GIFS, etc. – these will tend to be shared and will find their way to the friends of the friends of the friends of your targeted millennial market. Good marketing tips learned from old-school traditional marketing still apply by influencing the influencers that will influence others with your brand. Believe us when we say that influencers are even bigger celebrities than anything Hollywood can put up.

Good Marketing Tips Mean Being Creative with Mobile Data

Never ignore the power of a mobile marketing campaign because 99.99% of Millennials are adept at using and own at least one mobile device, the majority of this being smartphones with enough internet capability equivalent to a whole internet café. Millennials are not an ever-elusive demographic, they just know exactly what they need and want.