How Social Media Marketing Has Affected Today’s Generation

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Millennials are often referred to as the generation that is technology-obsessed, or gadget-obsessed. They are the generation that grew alongside every social media platform. This evolving technology is beneficial for millennials. It has given them better opportunities in job positions and communications.
Social Media Marketing for Millenials
Nowadays, more people are on mobile devices. They started to move away from personal computers and preferred these handy devices. This created a massive impact on people’s interaction and communication.
Internet activities became easier with this. Anyone can now share the latest news from other people’s accounts. It is so much easier to visit someone’s social media networking page and tag yourself to their videos.
People can also share links to interesting and creative content they found online. You can take advantage of this by g using social media sites such as YouTube. Your videos will be an instant talk of the town. This will result in more people linking back to your website or blog. These people will become interested in what you have to say.
The rapid growth of social networking sites opened new doors to marketers. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube became platforms to reach the target market. The sheer numbers speak for themselves.
A study by Frost & Sullivan shows that over 60% of the launching of new products will be on social media sites. This represents a huge leap from only thirty percent during the previous year. The explosion in social networking has created new opportunities for businesses. This helped them get their products, services, and messages out to a larger audience.
While these sites still have some catching up to do as far as getting advertisers and consumers. The savvy internet user prefers social networking sites to get information today. The impact social media has on the generation today shows in the rise of the most popular sites. The top social media sites are as follows YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and the likes.
Many millennials tend to somewhat look down on past generations. This is because of the technological advantage. Millennials dismiss the fact that older generations also use this. Although more than 80 percent of their generation take advantage of technology. More than 70 percent of past generations use this technology as well.
So when we say social media for dummies, this is a reference. It can be for those who are almost non-techie. It can also be for those who have never done social media marketing before.

Investing in social media marketing is more of a necessity than a desire.

Online marketers now see the importance of social media marketing for their companies. They can now see from a different perspective than they did before. There has been a significant increase in the number of consumers who use social media. to locate products and services that they need.
According to prestigious social consumer statistics:
  • About 76% of businesses use social media to achieve their marketing objectives.
  • Business retailers experience about a 133% increase in revenues. This is after they marketed their business in the mobile market. It promotes social media marketing value for their business.
  • 40% of online shoppers from the US use the Smartphone for in-store shopping.
  • About 71% of the consumers respond based on feedback and recommendation. The opinion of social users on a particular brand is very valuable.
  • Consumer reviews are trustworthy. They are as reliable as the marketing promotion coming from the brand site.
  • The majority of successful brands have a social media page. This is to widen their marketing coverage. This makes their brand more accessible among social media users.

Social Media for Dummies 101: Which Social Media Platform Should You Explore?

There are so many social media platforms to choose from. It can be difficult to figure out which one to use for your business. When choosing a platform, it is critical to consider the following;
  • It will provide a positive user experience
  • It will assist you in growing your business
  • It will be simple to use
  • It will allow your customers and prospects to connect with you and your brand online.
It is also critical to consider the cost as well as any potential drawbacks. This includes lack of functionality or lack of information.
This is the most popular social media platform. Social media for dummies may seem unnecessary to explain how this site works. This site maintains long-distance relationships. People use it to communicate with family or friends over long distances.
It’s a site that’s usually used to catch up with everyone who has an account. This is the site that can do almost everything for your company. It can post any kind of content, likes, shares, comments, replies, and so on.
But, this is not the site to spark controversy or debate about your brand. Unless it leads to something positive. Like Instagram, you also don’t post negative pictures or other content. These will make your brand negative in the eyes of customers.
You also don’t erase anything negative posted by your customers. This is your chance to reply to these negative things. It is your replies that matter, and not the ones from the customers. There is no end to the demographics of who uses Facebook.
Yet, many millennials are starting to ignore Facebook. They tend to search for a similar social media platform given its wide use by past generations.
It is a social media platform where you can document how much fun you are having with your brand. You can also include the aspect of how much you enjoy serving your clients. You even take selfies with your customers, products, and employees, among other activities.
Companies will not post negative images of their brand or company on social media. Doing so is counterproductive to gaining more customers. Using this social media platform, you can reach the following markets;
  • high school and college girls
  • professional and amateur athletes
  • celebrities
  • young professionals
The site also offers filters and cropping tools. These help you make your visuals more appealing and professional-looking. It is the site that has the ability to transform Frankenstein into frankincense. It also makes it appear appealing.
Its mobile-friendly interface allows for quick and easy posting,. Instagram will have a long shelf life. For something that is only four years old, this is a social media force that will be around for a long time.
As of today, Twitter is the most used social networking site. It has millions of users that log on each day. Users post status messages that range from the mundane to the absurd.
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can enjoy Twitter’s tools and applications. These allow them to reach new customers.
Consider the scenario in which you are unfamiliar use the platform.
It is possible that you will miss out on some significant opportunities. Listed below are some of the things you should consider before using Twitter.

What Other Applications Should You Explore?

SMM Application to explore

When you have decided which social media platform you will be using. You need to consider other applications that can help you be more visible to your customers. Most of these applications are free to download and use.
You should explore the ones that are available to make the most of your time. You can also find applications that will help you interact with your customers. Also, those that will allow you to post pictures.
Asking Questions
Asking questions when you start to explore your new platform is important. For example, if you are new to Twitter, you may not know how to use the search function. Do not dive right into a specific application. You should explore the different settings and options available. These will help you learn which ones work best for you.
Exploring Your Options
There are many different ways to interact on this platform. It is important to explore your options. Some people prefer to post on their blogs while others prefer to use their websites.
You can also choose to use other social media platforms, like Facebook, Linked In, and Digg. These allow you to share information with your friends. No matter what you choose to do, you must take the time to explore your options. You should be comfortable using the different features that each one offers.
As you can see, there are many different social media platforms that you can use to market your business. Which ones you choose depends on your budget, as well as what fits your personality. Yet, there are some things that you should explore.

Social Media Platforms Disadvantages

  1. It is hard to identify fake news.
  2. Users tend to focus on the niche that they are only interested in.
  3. There are numerous media competitions.
  4. The audience has a wider range for both small and large companies.
  5. Inappropriate contents are accessible to children.

It is important to remember that all types of media have their pros and cons. It is up to you to be responsible for using them. Social Media is far more complicated compared to old media.

Suppose you’re looking for a way to connect with a large number of people. In that case, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are going to be your best options.
Suppose you’re looking to advertise your business or service. In that case, you should consider going with an SEO company to promote your site.
Social Media Marketing is a completely different aspect of networking sites. To learn more about social media marketing, read this.

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