How Social Media Marketing Has Affected Today’s Generation

Compared to Generation-X and Generation-Y, Millennials are often referred to as the generation that is technology obsessed, or perhaps gadget obsessed. They are also the generation that has borne the full brunt of every conceivable social media platform that is now on the internet and have benefited from it. This technological advantage of millennials has given them a distinct jump in terms of job positions and communications.

However, many millennials tend to somewhat look down on past generations because of this technological advantage. Millennials don’t realize that while more than 80 percent of their generation take advantage of technology for every facet of life, more than 70 percent of past generations use this technology as well.

So when we say social media for dummies, this is merely a reference to either those who are almost non-techie or for those who have never done social media marketing before.

Social Media for Dummies 101: Which Social Media Platform Should You Explore?


It is the social media site to visually document how much fun you are having with your brand, product, or services, and how much you enjoy serving your customers. You even take selfies with your customers, products, and employees. However, you won’t find companies posting negative pictures of their brand and company because this isn’t conducive to gaining more customers. This social media platform is perfect if your niche or target market is high school and college girls, professional and amateur athletes, rich people, famous people, millennial professionals, and Taylor Swift’s cat. The site even has filters and cropping to make your visuals more appealing and professional. It’s the site that can turn Frankenstein into frankincense and be able to make it look appealing. Instagram is predicted to have a long shelf life because of its mobile-friendly interface that makes posting quick and easy. For something that’s only 4 years old, this is a social media force for the future and is a useful tool in social media marketing campaigns.


Considered the most popular social media platform, social media for dummies may seem unnecessary to explain how this site works. In its purest form, it is a site to maintain long distance relationships and to communicate with family or friends over long distances. It’s a site that’s usually used to catch up with lost time from former classmates, long lost relationships of friends, or mothers checking up on their kids in college. This is the site that can do almost everything for your company: post any kind of content, likes, shares, comments, replies, and so on. However, this is not the site to spark controversy or debate about your brand, unless it leads to something positive. Like Instagram, you also don’t post negative pictures or other content that will make your brand negative in the eyes of customers. Likewise, you don’t erase anything negative posted by your customers because this is your chance to reply to these negative things, and it is your replies that matter, and not the ones from the customers. There is no end to the demographics of who uses Facebook. However, many millennials are starting to shun Facebook in search of a similar social media platform, given its wide use by past generations.