Hiring a Marketing Agency is Never Rocket Science

Hiring the right marketing agency today will seem more like an art than science especially when you listen to the marketing experts that explain the content and social media marketing. Since many former SEO firms and traditional marketing firms are restyling themselves as social media and content marketers, you need to look closer at their qualifications and abilities before even thinking of hiring them.

Subject matter expertise

No amount of high-quality content can be created unless the marketing agency truly understands the client’s brand name, company vision, industry, and marketplace. How do you know if these marketers are really experts? Look at their track record. Read reviews and testimonials from their former clients and employees, if any. Review their social media accounts and look at the number of complaints or dissatisfied customers or employees, again, if any. How do they respond to comments and online discussions? One red flag to spot is the complete absence of any complaints or dissatisfaction. This is simply impossible no matter how good the company or product is.

A Marketing Agency Must Always Practice What They Preach

Since you’re already poring over the marketing agency’s profiles, reviews, testimonials, and social media, try to see if they are applying what they discussed with you on their own sites. If they preach about content marketing and branding initiatives, see if they’re doing this to market their own company. How a marketing agency promotes itself is an early indicator of its competence – or incompetence – in social media marketing.

Ask the firm to tell you about clients with similar challenges as yours

This is the right of every company to determine “proof of performance” from any firm that claims to have worked with every kind of client challenges. You can also conduct your own investigation by looking for the firm’s case histories. If for instance, the firm used to delve into online virtual assistant jobs and suddenly is into social media marketing, this could be a red flag for inexperience.

Search within social media groups, online forums, and LinkedIn groups for former employees of the firm

What are you searching for here? If a marketing agency has a high atrocity rate for its employees (employees stay only in the company for a maximum of 2 or 3 years before finding other employment) then this is a red flag that the firm isn’t run the right way, and this will affect any long-term social media marketing campaign they may be running for you in the future. If the atrocity rate is small, try to find out why the employees left. Most likely these were either terminated for infractions or were offered juicier salary packages by other companies.

A marketing agency will allow you to see actual content created for clients

The content here is the most important. See if the content they made has delivered the bottom-line results for its clients. Don’t be afraid to press for relevant data showing how content has increased in a certain area in so and so sales with so and so brand.

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