Social Media Monitoring Tools Can Help Small Businesses

Social media is already an integral part of internet users daily, whether at work online or for communications purposes. For these purposes alone, social media is revolutionizing how advertising is done on social media. Instead of just merely advertising products and services, it can now build up customer relationships and following.

Freelancers and small business owners aren’t excepted from all this. In fact, because of the leveling of the marketing playing field that social media has brought, social media can be that extra platform push to generate more business. Since many large businesses are taking advantage of social media monitoring tools to monitor their social media marketing, freelancers and small businesses can do the same.

Aside from monitoring their social media marketing, freelancers and small businesses that do their own marketing or have hired another freelancing marketing individual can use social media monitoring tools o do even more work in less time. Here is a list of well-known tools that are specially made for freelancers and small businesses.

Popular Social Media Monitoring Tools You Can Use in Your Online Business


Instead of manually asking each follower what their favorite coffee brand or flavor is, you can ask them all together using an interactive survey platform like Typeform. It can integrate into any social media webpage with ease and has many necessary features.


It can really be daunting to manually attempt to monitor what people say about your brand on the internet. It’s already hard to monitor one social media site alone, let alone several ones. Google Alert isn’t enough to monitor your brand, but Brand24 can actually keep you updated with both potential and current customers.


This is unique among social media monitoring tools because not only can it monitor social media sites and your brand, but it can also differentiate and separate social media that mobile devices have accessed. You can even schedule posting on any social media site, blog, and mailing list separately for PCs and laptops and mobile devices.


This is a brilliant tool that allows the user to publish, update, and manage all social media content using only one dashboard. You can publish, schedule, and modify content for your own needs without wasting any time on manual posting.

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If your social media marketing plan is just for posting content on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn without curating, this tool is for you. It simply posts content as you schedule them, keeps an eye out for “target your audience,” and allows replies to specific sets of followers.


This tool is perfect for freelancers and small business owners who have no time to look at graphs for the whole day. This tool gives a specific report on how well you’re doing on specific social media sites and lets you know where you’re strongest at.


You’ll find this tool mentioned in many reviews, and this free tool has proven its worth over the years with many social media marketers. Can more than 10 million users be wrong in using this social media relationship monitoring platform? And this includes 744 companies in the Fortune 1000 companies, which is what it means to level the playing field of marketing. If this tool can work for these companies, think about what it can do for freelancers and small businesses.

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