Introducing the Best and Most Commonly Used Social Media Management Tools Today

There are many social media management tools made for business websites that cater to selling products and services. However, are there tools that cater to websites for private practices, such as medical practitioners (doctors, dentists, laboratory technicians, etc.) or law firms (lawyers, paralegals, judges, etc.)? There most certainly are, and these tools are mostly free and don’t need the usually complicated upgrades for continued or improved use.

Buffer App

It’s your automated tool wherein you can load up your content and post on it, and the app does the rest. You can even schedule when the content or post should come out. The Buffer App can even link to your blogs and link to multiple social media accounts.


This automated tool can monitor all your social media feeds. It can even set tabs for specific channels and manage social sharing, retweets, and postings. As one of many social media management tools, Hootsuite is considered one of the best in terms of monitoring your social media sites for marketing purposes.


This tool can make it easier for people who visit your social media sites to share your information. It puts up a share bar that is easily installed on your main website to encourage people to share your content with others.


This automated tool allows you to automate your posts on Instagram, and you can even schedule your postings or image selections.

IFTT (IF This Then That)

You can use this app to connect different profiles for purposes of consistency. For instance, you can send a tweet, which may also be posted on your Facebook page. This app can do other nifty stuff for your business, but suffice it to say that the best thing this tool can do is to link your social media sites together.

Which Automated Tool is Ideal for Twitter and Facebook?


This is one of those unique social media management tools that tweaks only Twitter, but it can raise your business account higher than Mount Everest. This tool can flush out unfollowers, cleanup inactive ones, create reciprocity for active following accounts, and follow up on new people on Twitter. This is a real business automated tool that can follow how much people care about what you say, engage more people, and make you generally active on Twitter. It can tweak your profile to make it look better. You might be asked for a premium upgrade that you need to pay for if you want to manage all your follow/unfollow accounts. The upgrades are around $15 a month.


This platform is now owned by Twitter and has maximized its settings to monitor trends, your own feed, search hashtags, and even in tracking events. It’s a free investment from Twitter if you want to improve your Twitter marketing arm.


For top content being shared from your social media accounts and website, this is the right automated tool to monitor them. It even monitors who shared this content with and the influencers in your target market. It’s actually an awesome way to monitor the viral impact of your website content or social media posts.


If you want a simple marketing solution based on re-posting your pins on Facebook, this free automated tool is just for you.

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