What is Social Listening?

Social media has been the avenue on the internet to voice out everything from opinions to comments about people, brands, products, and companies. In short, anything can be voiced by anyone on social media be it good or bad. The borderline between success and failure for companies can sometimes be determined by monitoring these social media posts. These posts cannot simply be ignored because these can echo customer sentiments and just how much online presence clients have affected other clients.

Social listening, as it is called, is simply social media monitoring wherein companies monitor what is said not only from customers but also from industry influencers and even the competition. Practically speaking, social listening on a grand spread over all social media channels to keep watch on all posts and opportunities may just be a little taxing when handled on a manual basis such as opening up all social media sites to monitor what is being posted. To avoid too much time consuming, there are 9 useful social media management tool apps to go social listening.

Some Useful Apps and Social Media Management Tools You Can Use in Your Campaign

Reddit Keyword Monitoring Pro

Reddit is the proven leader in this innovation with over 114.5 million views a month, so it must pay a lot to listen to a real expert when it comes to social listening strategy. You can use the Keyword Monitoring Pro app to “listen” in on who and when is using your brand, products, and business. You can even monitor competitors using this social media management tool if they’re talking about you on their social sites.

Vidpiq for Instagram

Did you know that 53 percent of internet users use Instagram, and of this percentage, the majority age group is 18-29? What better way to monitor what people are posting and saying on Instagram in a faster mode than to use Vidpiq? Marketing experts know that this age group carries the biggest number of worthy consumers so you can monitor posts by username, hashtags, or location. You can even monitor users within a specified localized area. You can also use this social media management tool to monitor events and see what is being posted so you can engage by commenting on those who attended.

Hootsuite Syndicator Pro

You can monitor and manage even websites and blogs with this social media management tool. The Syndicator Pro gives complete and fast access to RSS fees and you can share them on other social media sites. You can even alter settings for rich filtering, tracking, and monitoring on keywords and stories you’ve shared with others.


Internet marketing experts know how important online reputation can be and this social listening tool makes online reputation really easy. Your online reputation management offline and online can determine your product’s success or failure. This app can monitor and check all major review sites so you can engage reviewers to resolve any issues that crop up in the best and most timely manner possible.

uberVu via Hootsuite

This social media management tool combines social listening capabilities with social media analytics. With the use of this tool, you can monitor real-time insights and other comments. Trends, stories, comments, and even influencers can be visualized in metrics.


The name says it all if you want to social listen in on your brand. And not only social listening but deep listening as well on all social media monitoring. This app has the capability of monitoring and identifying over 70 million traffic sources across every known social channel, blog, forum, news, and review site, even more than that. Informed decisions and action in real-time can be taken with the help of this app.

Review Inc

Can monitor all types of positive and negative reviews and allows you to post responses for these in real-time. The app can monitor over 200 popular review sites across more than a hundred countries. Through this social media management tool, social media site reviews can be resolved instantly.


Content is the king even on social media sites and 76Insights can monitor this aspect of any marketing strategy. It measures social media content for its resonance score or the number of engagements for specific content.

Hootsuite Pro

This tool provides social listening to monitor specific regions, hashtags, keywords, and others. You can do social listening on everything to stay on top of what people are commenting or reviewing about your brand, product, and company to gain advantages over the competition.


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