Social Media has become more of a necessity especially when the pandemic hits. Entrepreneurs relied on different social media platforms to revive their businesses. Sadly, most of them were clueless about how this new strategy works. But on the brighter side, there are experts in social media marketing that can help these entrepreneurs keep up with the new business trend.

Read on to know the nine (9) signs that people who sell social media marketing for a living possess.

Use their content to tell stories

Social Media Marketers do not simply come up with random words and post them on platforms. Someone who uses social media marketing as a source of living creates content that tells stories. They make sure that these stories are engaging and relatable. These contents are made to evoke one’s emotion and action.

Below are some pointers for engaging content that social media marketers use.

  • It is entertaining.
  • It is relatable.
  • It has a sense of humor.
  • It is inspirational.
  • It is open-ended.

Evaluates data

Relevant data are important to any other Social Media Marketer. They use these shreds of evidence to identify the appropriate content for their audience. They consider several aspects of marketing to know what is working or what may not be effective.

  • Campaigns and Themes as a whole
  • Overall individual persona responses
  • Particular Content to persona
  • Leads by channel
  • Expenses for each persona
  • Expenses for each channel
  • Expenses for each campaign or theme
  • Total expenses per lead

Values conversion over clicks

There are higher chances of getting numerous clicks as responses to your content. But Social Media Marketers prefer more interaction from their audience. They would always aim for conversions. If this is the first time that you have read about conversion. Let us enlighten you.

Conversion is a marketing goal wherein you want your audience to take action in responding to your campaign such as a mailing subscription. Below are some tips to boost one’s conversion rate;

  • Your landing page should be mobile-friendly and seamless.
  • You should create more videos for promotions.
  • You include a convincing call to action
  • You should analyze your social posts
  • You should have consistent branding
  • You should serve as social proof through user-generated content.
  • You should listen to your audience.
  • You should track your data analytics and conversions.

Social Media Marketer has Linked In Profile that embodies authority

These social media marketers can be categorized into three types;

Former Corporate Managers and Experts

These people worked for big brands and have implemented marketing strategies for large companies. These experts can give you excellent results without having to spend like large companies.

Former Corporate Communications

These people have experiences that lie in making collateral materials. They are equipped with a variety of skills and versatility.

Small Business Marketing Experts

Despite the lack of exposure to the corporate world, these social media marketers are the ones you should look for. They understand the issues that most businesses face. As a result, they know exactly what to offer.

With these choices, business owners can easily identify the Social Media Expert that best matched their brands.

Social Media Marketer prioritizes customer value rather than function and feature

Prospect clients want to hear more about your brand. They want to hear and receive value. An excellent social media marketer knows how to prioritize customer value over functions and features. Below are the three categories of value;

Functional Value

This category is the most common concept for businesses. It is supported with the following aspects;

  • Better Income
  • Product Quality
  • Adaptability
  • Development
  • The simplicity of Doing Business

This category is more subjective and composed of the following aspects;

  • Productivity Advancement
  • Relationship Element
  • Strategic Edge
  • Efficient Operations
  • Product Access
  • Individual Value

This category is subjective and personal. It includes the following aspects;

  • Reputational Commitment
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Development and Growth
  • Artistry

Social Media Marketer speaks to its target audience

Most contents that we see on the web are often about the brand of a company but a social media marketer knows better. While most businesses talk about their organization, a social media expert takes time to know the meaning and relevance of the content they will create for their target audience.

There are some pointers that any social media expert follows to identify their target audience.

  • Familiarize yourself with your existing audience
  • Define what your brand offers
  • Know your competition

Tags along with their audience through their journey

An excellent social media marketing makes sure that they build a long-term relationship with their clients. It is never a one-time deal. Along with this goal are steps that keep clients engaged.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision
  • Close

Uses Email to connect

Nowadays, email has been one of the essential tools to communicate with our family and friends. It give s a great opportunity for social media marketers to encourage their clients to get engaged. These experts go beyond sending a couple of emails but they make sure that clients interact with them through email.

There is a framework called 5T that can help any social media marketer succeed using an email campaign.

  1. Tease
  2. Target
  3. Teach
  4. Test
  5. Track

Recognizes Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is defined as the process of assigning values, often in the form of numerical “points,” to each lead you generate for the business. You can score your leads based on multiple attributes, including the professional information they’ve submitted to you and how they’ve engaged with your website and brand across the internet. This process helps sales and marketing teams prioritize leads, respond to them appropriately, and increase the rate at which those leads become customers.

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