Social Media Analytics is More Than Just Numbers

Not everyone likes numbers, particularly statistics. For some people viewing too many numbers for too long is like looking at and reading Latin. However, the good news is that with social media marketing you don’t have to be a math genius to be able to use social media analytics.

What is social media analytics?

The word analytics is just a fancy word to replace information, and basically, that’s all analytics are, more information. These numbers simply show you how many people are clicking on you or your website, who’s sharing your content, or how many followers you have. These are important elements to consider if you want to get more of your niche market to visit your social media platforms and thus, gain more potential customers.

In analyzing the right information from social media analytics, you only need to do these three marketing efforts to drive traffic towards you.

Look at the Web Traffic and Check Out Their Quality

Like it or not, social media is sometimes a popularity contest, though it shouldn’t be that way. But that’s just how it is because if people visit your Twitter page and see only 30 followers, they might get turned off and go somewhere else. The same goes with Facebook and Instagram or Pinterest. However, there is a caveat to all this. Not all followers may be genuine because there’s a chance someone is using bots to automatically generate more followers because they too want to look popular so you can follow them back. Make sure you know the quality of your followers.

Number of shares

Knowing how many shares you get from certain updates or content will give you an exact idea of what is really going on with your target market. You can see what trend of content, updates, news, blog posts, and videos get the most clicks and so you should repeat these styles. For those with the fewest, don’t even bother in the future. Remember that content is the king even in social media analytics. Every update, link, promotion, and the like that is shared means that others are also retweeting, clicking on it, or sharing with even others. So, imagine that if you have 500 followers and some 200 shares of your content, you get an additional 200 potential visitors and possible conversions.

Web Traffic Means People Will Click You

You control when to come out with updates and content, so it’s only right that you post at different times and see what your analytics pick up. If you find out that you get more clicks when you post between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and you get more clicks on Friday and Saturday, try deliberately posting or commenting during those periods. Make sure when you study your analytics you do so at least once a week. This way you get to study everything and will be able to make the correct adjustments in the following week. You also get to see if your adjustment for the previous week has borne fruit.