The Best Social Media Campaigns Are Well Planned

social media campaigns

social media campaigns

Social media marketing individuals are like the Jedi Padawan apprentices in Star Wars. In the words of Jedi Master Yoda, “Very good, young Padawan, but you still have much to learn.” While social media marketers may be veterans, they still have much to learn from some of the best social media campaigns that came out on the internet. These campaigns are nothing short of genius, and marketers should take note to learn from the experts and geniuses.

The Hunger Games movie marketing campaign

Movie company marketers understand that before a movie is even made, you need to feed the hunger of fans continuously. In the age of social media campaigns, the internet has proven that you can market mass-appeal movies without using up a truckload of cash (HBO marketers understand this when marketing Game of Thrones, another successful marketing campaign). All Lionsgate is doing is using YouTube and other social media sites to market all “The Hunger Games” movies. Aside from the usual social media sites, they even used iOS apps to keep up the fan’s hunger. The result is more than 6.5 million followers, 20,000 likes, thousands of comments and shares, and added to over 787,000 circles. On YouTube, “The Hunger Games” movies garnered 45,000 subscribers and over 18.6 million video views.

The Best Social Media Campaigns Are Unique

Discover Great Britain is England’s official government tourist board site. This same board decided to create a Tumblr page to post images and other content to promote the sights of the United Kingdom to increase the country’s tourism. Whatever they posted on Tumblr, they integrated with their search ads and sponsored pages on Yahoo. The official “Discover Great Britain” campaign generated 15 million notes, comments, reblogs, clicks, and shares in just 3 weeks. Tumblr and Yahoo Travel were able to save the Commonwealth government a whopping 40 percent on total marketing costs.

The Last Selfie

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is using selfies and Snapchat in a campaign to create awareness about the number of endangered animal species on the verge of extinction. The campaign was the brainstorm of the WWF offices in Denmark and Turkey. The campaign uses Snapchat’s unique “disappearing feature” to create a relationship between disappearing animals and disappearing images. When people opened the snaps, the animal pictures asked the viewer “not to let this be my last selfie.” The campaign helped the WWF reach its monthly target donations in just 3 days.

The Best Social Media Campaigns Will Always Stand Out

Creative Instagram storytelling from GoPro

GoPro is now considered the camera for every type of sport worldwide. The camera has the amazing ability to capture great content footage in clear video format. It tapped some 140 sponsored sports athletes for its Instagram channel for its social media campaigns. Their Instagram campaign featured many behind-the-scene sports moments and never-before-seen perspectives. It also empowered customers to create similar or even better content featured in the campaign—over 300,000 visitors per day, 1.6 million YouTube followers, and 1.6 million Instagram followers.

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