Social Media is the Marketing Tool of the Millennium

Even during the entry of the millennium and the 2000’s, no one even imagined that social media would be invented, let alone be a tool for marketing in any way. When social media came out eventually, they were the clumsy chat affairs like internet relay chat (IRC) or the confusing social Friendster, nothing that any internet marketer would want to use.

When social media finally found its proper social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, it was mainly to connect with family, friends, and others, as well as a means to communicate better than just those boring chat rooms. Today however, social media is making incredible impacts on almost every facet of daily life from social awareness, news updates, charity campaigns, public opinion, and even in the realm of advertising and brand awareness.

For businesses and companies, social media today is proving crucial for brand awareness and yet can still be a double edged sword. If used strategically well it can be a great brand magnet since many people go online on social media. Ignore the comments and posts of customers and your brand will feel the negative effects.

Always Take Note of Social Media Marketing Trends

Social marketers need to either create a trend or take note of trends that suddenly pop out. Creating a trend may mean launching a new product or service or having a new upgrade. Watching out for a trend means taking advantage of a certain trend to market your brand or product. For instance, when something is running controversial or trending on the news channels, social media marketing needs to also keep pace, even if your brand or company is completely unrelated to the news. This is building up relationships with your present and potential customers because when you post something and they reciprocate, you also reciprocate in return. Since they are already following your social media platforms, anything you post in the future for products and the like, your followers will take note of this. Remember also that these platforms aren’t limited to just your followers because these people have family and friends they can share to.

Social Media Marketing Needs to Make Companies Realize

Would you believe that if you put together all the companies and businesses in the world that use social media, the number that would come out would only be slightly more than 5 percent? If you can imagine that, then this 5 percent is hardly making ripples in the social media ocean. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t convinced for the need for social media. Since they’re already doing well with their traditional advertising and probably with their e-mail marketing or search engine optimization marketing, they see no need for social media marketing. With other companies, opening social media accounts is more for complimentary purposes in support of their other marketing efforts, and not the other way around. Social media is merely seen as a tool to reply to inquiries but not to develop relationships.

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