Using Social Media Networks During COVID-19 for Business

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Social Media Networks have become the lifeline of many businesses to survive.
For the last decades, Social Media Networks continue to adapt on the evolution of communication and connection. The platform that was once meant for users to create profiles and add friends lists, is now the most widely used media for communications.

When the coronavirus occurred in the year 2019, the world freeze. People were locked inside their homes and businesses were forced to shut down. Social Media Network helped these businesses to cope. These platforms accelerated from being the digital channel to socialize into one of the most effective tools to promote and sustain one’s business.

Below is the list of advantages of using social media networks for business;

Advantages of Social Media Marketing


Most social media networks are free. You can easily create a business profile on these platforms and access them every day without spending a penny. However, a certain amount is required if you want to boost your page. In addition, you may want to work with professional digital marketing team who will work with you from planning to execution.

Larger Audience

Almost everyone has their social media profiles. When you put up your business in any social networking sites, you have greater chance to reach more potential customers. With more than two billion users, social media sites let you promote and deliver your content and services quickly and easily.

Authentic Relationship

You can easily communicate with your audience in a more individual and personal level. This creates a unique relationship wherein you can communicate with the public creatively and address critical issues.  Conversations can either be done by chat or live video streaming. This authentic relationship results in an excellent customer service.

Brings Brand Loyalty

Social Media Networks play important roles in identifying the effective ways to get your audience involved. Study shows that a number of businesses were able to build loyal fan base through social media platforms. Social Media Networking Sites is perfect place to make your customers commit to you and consistently support your brand.

Greater Conversion Rate

Recent studies revealed that businesses with more than one social media channels are most likely to have higher conversion rates. The intimate approach used in social media marketing is almost as good as face-to-face interaction. This creates a factor that definitely convert abundant traffic to sales.

Marketplace Insights

Social Media Networking Sites allow businesses to monitor the customers’ feedback instantly. They can keep track of the latest comments and content about their brand. This advantage helps a business understand the consumers’ behavior towards their brand and their competitors.

By this time that you are familiar with the advantages of having Social Media Tool. With this,  it is important to know its must-have features.

Recommended Social Media Tool Features

Centralized Analytics

It is always important to keep track of the progress of your business. With these platforms you can gain likes, shares and comments that contributes to the credibility of your brand. These metrics are crucial in making decisions and improvement of your brand. When you are able to keep track and collect these metrics, you can easily identify the actions plan for your brand to improve and develop.


If you have too much on your hands, it is important to create a schedule to maximize your precious time. There are social media tools that allow you post in all your media accounts all at once. Such tools help in organizing repetitive tasks for you. There are auto-scheduling tools that allow you to add tags on your posts you give factors to the conversation. There are plenty of time schedules to choose from and identify what is best for you and your client


Social media marketing is not posting, you need to get engage in a conversation with the customers. This way you can build a trustworthy and loyal customer base. There are social media tools that provide you to streamline everything for easier management. The activities on your social media accounts can easily be access. You can monitor the likes, share, comments for your Facebook account, even the retweets and mentions on your Twitter account. You can easily ask the audience for their feedback and comments.

Organized Collaboration

Being able to work together and come up with a unified result is a struggle during these times. The pandemic forced the workforce to function remotely. With this, there is a need for social media tool with a centralized dashboard that has secure collaboration. Each team member should have a smooth process to report their progress.

Live activity tracker enables you to track if a fellow team member is responding to your message in real-time. This feature proves to be very important when you are working with your colleagues remotely. Having a centralized place to report to and communicate with other team members creates a transparent working environment.

Smart Reporting

You can save your time with social media marketing software equipped with an automated reporting tool. Variety of customized templates are available to suit your requirement. You just need to set it up once and forget it until you need a new template next time. This tool makes it easy to work on multiple reports that highlight different aspects if you have built-in templates available in your social media marketing software.

Location Search Services

It is essential for a business to have a geo-targeting of your social media posts. Your social media marketing software should answer the following questions:

  1. When is the perfect time to post and gain maximum engagement?

  2. How to find prospects in a specific location?

  3. What local factors you should consider while engaging with your customer?

Most of the marketing tools available today have the ability to sort profiles, posts, and messages based on the. To build new relationships, it is better to start with nearby profiles, so that will give them a sense of trust, and you can get a new loyal customer.


It important to have appropriate permissions when you are working with different people across social media networking sites. Each employee must be provided with a unique ID so that when anyone posts any unapproved post, then they can be held accountable for that.

Security features must be up to the point so that you can protect yourself from any suspicious activity happening on their social media platforms.


As we continue to survive this strategy, social media networks will persistently adapt to the situation. Businesses can support their staff and customers better than before.

Social Media Marketing will continue to improve its services such as;

  • Content Marketing

  • Business Development

  • Product Management

  • Human Resources

  • Customer Support

Social Media Marketing will give an extraordinary experience to both the business owners and customers.