Online Advertising is Turning A Bit Like Television Ads

Online Advertising like TV Ads

Two decades ago the first displayed advertisements appeared on the internet. From then on there was no turning back. Businesses discovered a new avenue in the form of online advertising. They saw the ability to be able to target specific audiences more precisely. At the same time being able to measure more accurately the impact of internet ads.
Targeting even more specific target markets became better with such a marketing strategy. This strategy uses platforms like social media and SEO marketing. This specific precision of online advertising opened the concept of more complex advertisements. It is a too complex advertising concept.
Seeing the demise of banner-based ads with more television-like or video-oriented advertising. This is especially for brand marketing strategy.
Today, one out of every five online ads are using TV-like video formats. The growing complexity in the ad industry (as it always does – look at the complexity of radio and TV ads, or worse, print media ads). It ensures that there will be more in this format.

Benefits of Online Advertising

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Online advertising can be an effective way of reaching out to potential customers. If you have ever run into this problem before, then you know how frustrating it can be. You’ve tried all the traditional ways of advertising like radio and print ads. In the end, nothing has seemed to work quite as well as online advertising. This is because you have a much larger target audience that you are trying to reach. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of online advertising.
Convenience factor
If you happen to have a business that is starting or has been around for a while, you know how hard it can get people to come in. With the advent of the internet, there are a lot more people who have access to the web daily. This means that there is a greater opportunity to reach more people. The costs involved with offline advertising can also be quite high.
The next thing that goes into the convenience factor is location. For instance, if you are selling products or services in one place. The chances of your customers being able to find you are going to be quite limited. But, suppose you are advertising online. You are in different states, countries, or even different cities around the world.
In that case, the chances are pretty good that people will end up finding you. The world is always on the move. People need to be always connected to the internet, so they will access it.
Ability to reach a global audience
Many people these days live in countries where English is not their first language. When you are advertising online, you can reach people who speak other languages. They may not be aware that you exist in their native language. But they will still be able to read about your products and services.
Advertising on the internet is much more cost-effective. Compared to traditional forms of advertising like newspapers, television, etc.
There are no set advertisements to show. The cost per ad is much lower than what it would cost with a physical media outlet. For example, newspapers only end up paying the newspaper a certain amount for every ad. Online advertising is usually free.
It allows a business owner to reach the whole world
There are no boundaries to where a business can advertise its products and services. Selling a product online, then a business owner can sell it to people anywhere in the world.
For instance, an online clothing store can sell to people anywhere. This can be in Africa, Europe, Asia, and even Australia. This type of advertising is becoming more popular. It is a great way of advertising to new markets than other traditional advertising.
It gives the ability to interact with their customers and get feedback on what they have created
Feedback is the single most important thing when it comes to advertising. If people like what they see, they will buy the product. This interactive communication is turning a business into a customer-driven type of business. This has led to the rise of many small businesses that are web-based. They use email marketing and customer service to give the consumer what they are looking for. Also at a price that they can afford.
Online advertising is not going away any time soon. More people are turning to the internet to buy products and services. Businesses have not been able to ignore them. They have utilized this opportunity to become a true force in the marketplace.
Advertisers can guarantee that whatever they produce will be visible to many eyes. They must use creative advertising techniques to reach their intended audience. This way they can be successful.

Advertising Videos Are Now the Fastest Growing Advertisement Category

Advertisement Category

The advent of online video-sharing sites has changed the landscape of online advertising. These sites are YouTube, Metacafe, and Dailymotion. Relevant advertising video clips of products or services are possible with few clicks.
The average user on one of these sites has at least one impression of your video before its upload. Video advertising is now a major draw for businesses. It helps improve brand image and boost traffic.
According to recent studies online video ads outperform other types of online advertisements. Both perceived quality and click-through rate.
In 2014 alone this format grew by about 34 percent, costing around $11 billion. By 2017 this video marketing strategy is foreseen to grow by 29 percent and will top $20 billion.
Also, the screens of smartphones and tablets are getting larger. There are faster connections like 4G. Even net-connected television is contributing to this category as well.
This type of online advertising is completely different from regular TV ads. This includes style and content. This is all thanks to social media platforms. Shorter videos of 10 to 20 seconds only were the norm for such platforms.
A major player in this type of online advertising is social media marketers. They are now aware that the attention span of visitors to websites and social media is a mere 6 to 10 seconds. This makes a 2 to 3-minute video ineffective if the introduction alone lasts for about a minute. Now you see why short movie teaser trailers are so effective in marketing.
There are many different aspects of creating an online advertising video. There are a few that you should remember.
  • Maximize your exposure, make sure your video is interesting and informative.
  • Make it look professional. Online viewers tend to judge online ads based on the production and output.
  • Choose a quality production value. Make your online video memorable and enticing.
  • In the end, having a great online advertising video is one of the best ways to draw traffic. Keep customers coming back to view more of your videos.

Even Videos are Making an Impact on SEO marketing

SEO Marketing using Video

More marketers are using video content in online marketing. It is more effective. Studies show that videos have a greater impact on viewers than written content. With this, more people are creating video content for their online marketing campaigns. And with this, more tools and techniques are being developed to help marketers get the best out of it.
According to research, video content has the highest impact on ROI than any other type of content. Marketers create video content that does not only attract more audiences. It will also be able to leave a lasting impact. Here are some of the techniques you can use to create your video content. These will have an immediate impact on your SEO efforts.
First, you need to choose the right type of video.
You must search for videos related to the topic or niche you are promoting online. If you want to create an online training video. If you are selling online tools, you can create a video showing how a particular product works. You can create a video showing the effectiveness of your products. If you are into the business of promoting skin care products.
Second, you need to make your video attractive enough for your target audience to watch.
You may consider using text-based videos. This is if your target audience does not have a fast Internet connection speed. Text-based videos allow your audience to browse through the text. Meanwhile, a fast Internet connection will help you upload videos. So, if you cannot upload a video, you might not create an impactful video.
Third, you need to make your video interesting enough for your audience to remember.
Remember that people tend to forget when exposed to boring materials. So, you need to create a video that will create interest and mystery for your audience. Even if your video is informative, it will not impact unless you keep it interesting enough. It is important to know whether your video is interesting enough.
Fourth, you must choose the right video format for your videos.
You need to use a video format that most Internet users prefer to watch. But you can choose a video format that movie buffs enjoy watching if your audience are movie buffs. These tips are effective ways of making even videos that are making an impact on SEO marketing.
Fifth, you need to learn how to maximize the usefulness of each video.
Since there are countless videos on the web, you should try to make your videos stand out from the crowd. Make your video entertaining and interesting at the same time. Include some catchy words or images in the video so that you can attract your audience.
Finally, you include the keywords or phrases that you are targeting in the title and body of the video.
You can also insert tags on your video so that you will be able to search on search engines. You can also make use of audio clips in your video. This will help to give your video more appeal to your viewers.
Google and other search engines now have logarithms. This feature can search for keywords in video descriptions. It can even lookup for connections on websites they’re supposed to market. And what helps in this is the fact that social media allows the attachment of videos with ease.
As social media marketers would say, “my third-grade kid could make a video and put it on social media with ease, and the next day gets 100 views and shares.” Now, how’s that for marketing strategy?
Hopefully, that though this is somewhat the complex path now. Marketers in the future would have the common sense not to turn video online advertising into an internet form of television advertising.

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