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Social Media Marketing Companies Should Avoid Mistakes If Possible

We can all learn from our mistakes. Even social media marketers have their fair share of them. But if we already know what mistakes to look out for and avoid, this makes everything better. Mistakes made with social media marketing can be costly, even if the marketing effort itself is free. So as not to make costly mistakes, especially during the startup period of the marketing campaign, here are the ones to avoid:

Social Media Marketers Must Choose the Right Platforms

social media marketing

social media marketing

Facebook may have 1.44 billion monthly active users, but you can’t target all these. Realistically and seriously, you need to define and target your niche market. You can’t do social media marketing and shoot at targets using a shotgun; you must be precise and use a sniper’s rifle. Targeting the correct market is the key to the whole game, and when you’ve clearly defined your target market, you need to identify which social media platform they are active on. For instance:

Use Facebook if:

  • You have highly visual content.
  • You want to leverage a community or group effect.
  • You want to build up trust by leveraging your friend’s networks.

Use Twitter when:

  • You want to broadcast your message fast.
  • Join ongoing conversations.
  • Connect with people that matter to you.
  • Build a position for your brand.

LinkedIn is used when:

  • Your company delves into B2B.
  • You’re targeting a more professional audience.

Google+ is useful for:

  • Helping your SEO marketing.
  • Connecting with your target audience who are on Google+.

Pinterest or Instagram is used for:

  • Targeting a very specific niche like women, teens, etc.
  • Sharing very highly visual content.

Social Media Marketing Must Commit Not Too Much nor Not Too Little

Once you choose a platform, you must commit to it. Being inactive even on one platform creates a bad impression. For instance, if your last post on Facebook or last Tweet was 3 weeks ago, that’s worse than sending a bad signal to your customers. It means you’re not committed to them and don’t care. The opposite is just as true – don’t bombard your media marketing with 10 updates each day.

Never ignore content marketing

Content, in whatever form, is your platform’s fuel for social media marketing. It would help if you had good articles, videos, instructionals, pictures, etc., to showcase your brand and company’s expertise. This is what social media marketers need to post at least once a week on social media platforms.

Bonus Tip

Don’t post promotions, sales, or related content on remembrance holidays. Days like Memorial Day, for example, should be reserved for reverence, sensitivity, and remembrance, not for promoting your business.

This is a brief but sensible move on your small business’s part.

Social media marketing is about developing your brand’s visibility, personality, and community. By following the don’ts stated above, you can create a set of basic ground regulations for your business’s next social media marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

While this list may seem daunting, having well-run social media pages comes down to making thoughtful decisions to profit and organize with your business’s marketing strategy.

Using social media for your business doesn’t mean you should stop having fun with it! Shake things up from time to time. Try live videos or interactive polls, and keep your messages gracious and dialogic. You’ll see that you can enjoy this part of your business instead of fearing it.

With the social media landscape constantly growing, the do’s and don’ts of social media for business owners will also continue to transform. Staying conscious of current first-rate drills and merging them into your social media strategy will keep your marketing efforts and your business top of mind.


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