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When it comes to social media marketing, you can probably learn from some social media marketing news, but you probably never realized that you could learn even more from your favorite pop singer, such as Katy Perry.

But it all makes sense since Katy Perry uses social media effectively to market herself and her songs and albums. She’s more than just a pop diva with almost 64 million followers on Twitter, more than any popular brand could ever hope to have. Twitter has officially announced that she has the greatest number of followers, even more than any American president that ever sat in the White House.

So, what can you learn from Katy Perry about social media marketing that may seem like social media marketing news? Well, the singer’s strategy is very simple: Be yourself and have fun, and probably use some market smarts such as these:

Be realistic so people can relate to you

Even brands need a personality, and this should relate to the target market. Every customer (and this means “every”) always wants to feel that a brand was made for them, so when you interact with them on social media, they appreciate that the brand relates to them and even understands them. When Katy Perry is discussing with fans, she doesn’t urge them to buy her music. Instead, she relates like any normal person what she feels and what her aches are.

Social Media Marketing Means Learning from Those Successful

Don’t be too serious

This may vary depending on what product or service you’re attempting to market, but in general, there’s nothing wrong with using some humor now and then in social media to make your customers laugh a little. If you’re marketing team can create some funny memes or funny hashtags that relate to your brand. However, do remember that too much humor may boomerang back at your brand so when updating things that may sound like social media marketing news, customers tend to take these things seriously.

Appreciate what your customers are doing

Part of social media marketing is to engage your customers. Not only do the customers appreciate you doing this, but you should also learn to appreciate what your customers are doing for the company. Little things like telling them that whenever a purchase is made, it gives the company a chance to expand to improve the lives of other customers in other places and how the products can be improved over time. Even little thank you and you’re welcomes go a long way.

Social Media Marketing News Means Sharing Content Too

You can always find more interesting ways and content to make your brand more personable and encourages others to share your content. People are more likely to like, share, click, and retweet content if it piques their interest.

Inspire others

Sometimes you should post inspiring content that relates to the latest trends or news. For instance, you can encourage people in areas hit by tornadoes or hurricanes to “hang in there” because help is on the way. This will show people that your brand does have a heart like any human being.

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