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A Social Media Manager Can Make All the Difference

social media manager

social media manager

So, you finally realize that your company needs an online presence, but you want to start by getting someone trained as your social media manager. This person has an IT, internet marketing, and even social media background enough that you can have this person trained. Having the right individual trained to properly manage your social media marketing and profiles will make your online presence more likely to flourish, and you’ll make more sales conversions.

Just make sure your social media manager is getting the right training by checking on the following:

Social Media Managers always have the end in mind

Customer engagement must always be paramount in the mind of your social media manager. Though sales conversions are great for business, social media marketing aims to engage your customers because 1) they may come back and buy again from you, and 2) they can spread the good word about your company.

How Internet Marketing is Engaged Makes All the Difference

How your social media manager engages customers and potential on social media will make all the difference and greatly increase brand exposure. Be sure the manager knows the target market, what makes them tick, and how the product/brand will benefit them to the maximum. Ensure the manager knows what content is needed, when to post, and how to engage customers to share this content.

Communicating brand essence

Your manager must know the brand essence inside out and use this as a training tool. They need to know what extensive research to conduct before making and posting any content and before engaging any customers. They need to have a detailed understanding of every facet of the company’s unique factors and voice, which should reflect in all the company’s social advertising posts.

Learning from other pros

Part of the training for your social media manager is learning from other successful businesses, and you should see this being done or your manager taking the lead on it. Your manager needs to look for businesses similar to yours to draw the right insights into strategies that can increase user engagement. They have much to learn from other companies, especially in promoting the benefits of a product and not just promoting the product per se, sharing useful content, and how consumers can benefit not only from the product but by engaging the company in social media relationship. For instance, your manager should note during training how you can use humor on your product/brand or company to increase marketing awareness.

Reciprocate Social Advertising with Your Manager

Once the training ends and you hand your social media manager the keys to your internet marketing, it doesn’t mean you’re completely out of the loop. It would be best if you spent some time with your manager working and checking up to ensure the strategies are effectively being implemented and everything being done accurately represents the company and the brand.

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Kathleen Illes, Executive Director | Rebecca's Dream
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