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Facebook is the largest social networking site with over 300 million users from all corners of the planet and all walks of life, from school kids to college dropouts to old ladies in woolen dresses, and for most of these people, it is nothing more than a place to spend a few hours a week catching up with family and friends. But there is another side to Facebook which is increasing its presence across the web and that is Facebook’s opportunities for business. This article will provide you with three simple steps to help you build your business using Facebook. Here goes:

How to Use Facebook in Your Marketing Campaign

1. Branding

Like all good marketing campaigns, it’s important to establish a strong visual image when marketing on Facebook or any other social networking site. Branding is vital if you’re going to stand out from the crowd and leave a long-lasting impression on your virtual audience but how do you go about building your visual brand? Here’s what to do;

a. Upload a picture of your company logo or a great photograph of yourself to let people see who you are.

b. Write a short, punchy bio that you can use to describe who you are and what you do within a short space of time. This is your 15 seconds of Facebook fame so don’t waste it.

c. Fill out a little detail on your information page to tell people more about yourself and mix this with both professional and personal details to create a real-life persona that people can latch onto and what others will remember.

2. Content Creation

A lot of people miss the opportunity to provide information about their business and promote this content on Facebook. This is so simple and yet very powerful and a great way of positioning yourself and your business as leaders in the industry. Uncertain how to do this? Here’s what to do:

a. Write a short, informative, and entertaining note around 150-200 words in length.

b. Upload the note onto your profile by following the NOTES tab on the top of your profile page.

c. Tag a few people and add their names to the note so that when the note goes live, they will see it and more importantly their followers and friends will see it too.

d. Publish the note!

3. Networking

Join groups and start to talk to people with similar interests and business ideas to your own. This is a great way to start to find the big players in your industry who you can build relationships and perhaps leverage for mutual benefit somewhere down the line. Networking is what social networking sites like Facebook are all about so get in there and make yourself heard!

Use Facebook for Business to Become Successful

Facebook is a great place to build your business but with so many opportunities it’s easy to get distracted and lose focus on the task. Remember, if you are using Facebook for business then that’s exactly what you should do. Don’t play around and don’t get lost looking at the next cute profile picture that comes your way or your business plan and your future profits will go out the window!

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