Social Media Blogs Have Much to Teach Marketers

Social Media Blogs

Social Media Blogs

When you’re in the internet and social media marketing industry, it pays to learn by staying up to date with the latest social media trends and information. You learn better ways to harness social media while improving your engagement skills with your customers and potential.

Since you’re always on the internet during your work hours, probably because you’re handling the social media marketing of your company, then it’s not that hard to check out some of the top social media blogs on the net. These blogs contain a wealth of information and updates that are always kept current.

A Social Media Blogs Will Greatly Push Any Marketing Effort

It is probably the most well-known social media blog for news and updates. The world’s largest website is dedicated to social media knowledge, raking in some 12 million hits per month. It even offers critiques on new apps and tools for social media networking.

This blog is dedicated only to Facebook and everything new about it, such as new applications, changes, and general news. You will also find the latest and predictable trends in the future of the social network platform. If you want to stay on top of the pack when using Facebook for marketing, this is the site to learn more.

Like the above, this social media blog is purely dedicated to Twitter. You can learn a lot from this blog, such as how to gain the right followers and not just more of them, turn relationships into a real friendships, build up brands on this, and build up a massive following. Marketing news and information about Twitter are always updated, and Twitter marketing for personal branding, effective marketing methods, and Twitter tools for automated marketing are all put under scrutiny.

This social media blog community comprises some of the best internet marketers today. You can learn a lot from reading all the posts and updates from these marketers. One unique factor about this blog is that once you have registered on this site, you can feed in your existing company blog posts, increasing your brand’s exposure.


Here is another blog community dedicated to analyzing social media usage and marketing. Every member of this community is a recognized authority on social media marketing, so there’s a lot to learn from this site.

Social Media Marketing and Blogs Always Compliment Each Other

The Viral Garden

The author of this social media blog site is a well-known social marketing consultant and speaker. He’s been active in social marketing since 2005 and is now known as a guru of sorts for this particular type of marketing and internet marketing in general. He always posts awesome information on this site, wherein he analyzes and scrutinizes the latest tools, tips, and trends on brand productivity, marketing profitability, and increased online presence.

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