Why Adding a Social Media Video to Your Campaign is a Good Idea

The use of videos isn’t just a marketing tactic for the large players with the large budgets. It only takes a single social marketing specialist to create a short social media video for a business website. These video shorts have the ability to grab attention as proven by many businesses already making and using them.

Videos aren’t the sole territory for YouTube alone. Instagram recently launched its first short movie trailer, signaling the start of social media platforms that are starting to break out of their fixed formats. In fact, anything from 15-seconder Vine and Instavid videos on other image platforms like Pinterest are coming out, to 1-2 minute videos on Facebook and Google+. LinkedIn even has professional portfolio videos that can be pinned.

The appeal of short social media video is like a snack. It’s quick, fast, and can be delicious. It’s especially good for people on the go who have very short attention spans, who have to browse and run fast, and who need to view content through mobile devices while on the go.

What Type of Social Media Video Can You Incorporate to Your Marketing Campaign?

Show how to do something

You can make a short social media video on how to do something, especially if your products can be used to solve a problem or your online store sells products for problem solving. For instance, if you have an online store that sells hardware supplies, you might want to make a short video on how to correctly hold and use certain tools. If you run a plumbing company, you can make a short video about how to take care of your plumbing pipes during winter and add it to your marketing campaign. If you sell baking supplies, your video can show how to cook simple pastries or cakes. The possibilities are endless.

Highlight your skills

What better way to show off your website than to highlight your talents and skills in a short social media video. For instance, if you’re running a web design or web development outfit, your shorts can feature what you do best that has earned the respect of your past clients.

Showcase an event

The event can be something that your company sponsored, like a seminar or workshop, for an outside audience or participants (this is the best of the lot). Perhaps it’s a short social media video of your company event that shows your employees all happy to be in the company. Or it can be the launching of a new product, upgrade, or service. Many clever brands continually do this but with longer videos added to their marketing campaign. It’s better if your short video on an event can hit a really nice nerve like family or friendship.

Use fun to launch a new product

And speaking of new products or services as mentioned above, you don’t need to push too much promotion on something new. Put a little fun and creativity into your marketing campaign that appeals to the human and emotional side of people. For instance, if you’re about to release a new line of sports shorts, you can feature how you came about the idea or show some funny ways to use the new shorts.