The holidays are over, and it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get creative writer and marketing lover for one of their special days. Who better pick out gifts for the creative writer and marketing lover in your life than yourself? There are many gifts for writers out there, but you have to know what your lover is interested in. If they love to write, maybe jewelry is the way to go. Or maybe you can get them some new pens so that they will keep writing.

You might also look into getting them a desk for their laptop, which comes with an attached printer for printing out articles or a stationary kit if they like to do that as well. Other gifts may include coffee mugs or even picture frames. You can purchase gift certificates as well if you want to get creative. These are all ideas that a creative writer and marketing lover may enjoy.

Here are some gift ideas that can help you decide.

1. Books

Lucky gifts do not always have to come in the form of money. As we all know, there is much more to a gift than the dollar figure attached to it. Some gifts can be more fulfilling than any other gifts. For a creative writer, gifts like taking care of a patient and writing a book report for a thesis or story would be more gratifying than getting a check for an article they wrote for a class assignment.

2. Online courses for improving their writing

If you know a writer who is always looking to better their skills, give them a course or eBook that they can read on their own time.

One other creative writer gift you may consider will encourage them to keep writing. For this kind of gift to work, the recipient must feel that their time is well spent. These gifts can be in newsletters, reports, booklets, or just eBooks that are created to inspire and motivate them. Whatever it is, you want it to encourage the person to write more.

3. Blogging Fuel Mug

“It is inhumane, in my opinion, to compel individuals who have a true medical need for coffee to wait in line behind those who appear to see it as some recreational pastime,” comedy writer Dave Barry once said.

This mug is not only a great way to keep your favourite marketer well-caffeinated, but it also has a great message.

4. Statement T-shirt

A statement t-shirt is also a great gift to keep your favourite writer and marketer motivated every time they wear this shirt. This can be bought online or in your favourite retail stores. This type of shirt can be customized to send the design or the statement to be included on the shirt.

5. Writing and marking tools

This will be highly appreciated since these tools may help them make their work easier and at ease. You can even find websites that offer a gift-giving service specifically for creative writers. The point is, creative writers need all the help they can get. They need all the tools they can get their hands on to become the best creative writers that they can be. And they need all the luck they can get.

6. Domain name for a new writer website

Is there a website for your writer? If not, they’re undoubtedly planning to start a blog this year.

Writers will feel more confident publishing their work or starting a blog when they have their own domain name.

Bluehost makes registering a domain name simple, and most domains cost under $12 per year. If you’re not sure which domain to buy, a combination of your writer’s first and last name, such as, is a decent bet. If it doesn’t work, go to

7. Noise-canceling headphones

Keep your mouth shut! Working as a writer here! While some writers love the lively atmosphere of a coffee shop to write in, others prefer solitude and quiet.

Noise-cancelling headphones can provide the silence (and productivity) that the writer in your life requires to put pen to paper. Bose offers a variety of headphones at various pricing points.

8. Kindle Unlimited subscription

Your favourite reader can gain access to over a million books and thousands of audiobooks through Kindle Unlimited for a monthly price.

This could be a good alternative if your writer currently owns a Kindle!

9. Membership sites and portals

These sites are designed to do one thing for the marketer. That brings the marketer traffic. These sites tend to be membership sites, and they tend to charge a monthly fee. If you are a marketer that is just getting started, this may be a great place to start, especially if you are not very familiar with online marketing.

10. Journal

You can take your creative writer pen and paper and jot down everything that has happened in your life regarding your dreams, goals, passions, frustrations and the like. You can then compile this into a book called the Journal of a Creative Writer. This would be a wonderful gift for the marketer that is just starting. By writing this journal every day for a year or so, the marketer would see all of the things that have shaped their personality and how these have also influenced their ability to become a writer.

11. Personalized calendar

A personalized calendar or diary makes a wonderful gift on its own. For a more serious gift, consider getting them a desk calendar, an artist’s loupe or a sketch pad – there are so many gifts you can choose from. For the arts, why not buy them a book of their artwork, framed or on display. Another idea is a certificate for a weekend in a creative arts centre.

12. Music and entertainment subscription

A music subscription would be a good creative writer’s gift. If you are lucky enough to live near a music store, you should have no problem finding subscriptions. Other gifts for creative writers include movie and TV show tickets, concert tickets and tour tickets. You can also purchase screenplays, musical CDs, poems and other literature.

Books, movies and music are popular gift ideas for a creative writer, but they are far from the only creative gifts that a creative person enjoys.

13. Backrest for desk chair

Try this lumbar support pillow to give to your writer if you want them to be able to finish long pieces of writing without crawling away in pain in their upper, middle, and lower backs.

Most lumbar support cushions are made of ineffectual materials like gel; on the other hand, it is made of thick memory foam that holds its shape while also feeling soft and comfy.

14. Ergonomic wrist rest pad

To complete the ergonomic setup that helps prevent carpal tunnel, arthritis, and other ailments, get some wrist rest pads for your writer’s computer keyboard, similar to the footrest and backrest.

(Writing shouldn’t hurt any more than it already does.)

15. Customized map or travelling items

The same goes for writers who need to travel a lot. Perhaps they’re always travelling to meetings or events, or maybe they spend a lot of time out of town. Buying them a mug or tote bag with their name and contact details printed on the front is a thoughtful gift. Some creative writers make a living travelling around the world – why not buy them a customized map or keyring with their name and phone number printed on it. This is a great idea for people who love to explore and who like to unwind.

Whether it’s for a special occasion, a family member, or a co-worker, creative writer gifts are sure to be appreciated and will leave a lasting impression. With many options to choose from and so many different options in price, it doesn’t matter if your budget is tight or you have several thousand to spend. There are gifts for every budget and every need. Make sure to find one today for that special someone who inspires and delights you.

Things to consider in giving a gift

They need to be useful

One of the main things that people do not realize when buying gifts for the creative writer and marketer in their life is that they need to be useful. Think about it. The gifts are not coming from the sky. They come from you! Creative people always appreciate getting something useful for themselves. So, if you’re giving a gift, understand that they will be using it and maybe even showing it off at work!

You and your recipient’s location

You can get creative writer gifts at many different locations. Gift stores are full of gifts that creative writers can use. Online shopping sites are loaded with many wonderful gifts for the creative writer and marketer in your life. You can find the perfect gifts just about anywhere!

What if you do not live near anyone who is a creative writer?

For that matter, what if you have no one in your immediate family that is a writer? Does that mean that you cannot give the perfect creative writer gifts to those in your life? Of course, it does not! You can find gifts everywhere and anywhere.

Creative gifts can be found just about anywhere. You can purchase gifts for a wide range of people. You can find gifts for just about anyone. The creative writer and marketer in your life need not look very far to find great gifts! There are books on the market. Just about anyone can read. You can also purchase books online and get great gifts!

Creative gifts also come in the form of various services and products. It does not matter if you are shopping for a man or a woman, for a teacher or an accountant. You can find gifts just about anywhere on the Internet. You can purchase a gift certificate at your favourite online retail store. Or you can shop for gifts online that are specific to the person you are shopping for.

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