Traditional Advertising Agencies vs Digital Media Agencies

In a nutshell, traditional advertising is what you usually see or hear in the contexts of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and even posters or tarpaulin streamers. Digital marketing uses every aspect of the internet and modern technology to advertise. These include social media, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization, and SMS.

Many are now saying that in the “battle” (if such a battle really exists) of advertising agencies vs digital media agencies, the prime time of traditional advertising agencies is coming to an end. On the other hand, digital media is growing fast due to many smartphones and other internet-based gadgets proliferating on a daily basis.

Traditional Advertising is Still Far from Dead

But wait, if the above advertising agencies vs digital media agencies battle is true, how come traditional advertising hasn’t really come to an end? You may say television advertising may be on the wane but tell that to the lucky advertisers on programs such as ‘Game of Thrones and ‘The Walking Dead.’ How about those who advertise primetime during news programs or during the playoffs in the NBA, NHL, major league baseball, or the NFL? Wait, didn’t the NFL just announce the increase in advertisers and half-time ads during the recent Super Bowl between the Patriots and Seahawks? Radio advertising has admittedly gone down, but thanks to digital formats and live streaming, radio advertising seems to be slowly going up again. Admittedly, newspapers, magazine subscriptions, and sales are down, but again, thanks to digitizing, it looks like advertisers are finding Time Magazine or The New York Times lucrative once again.

Of course, no one can find fault with digital marketing simply because it’s what’s modern now and being used by virtually millions of users. Everyone knows that the push or pull marketing of digital media has great benefits that traditional advertising agencies can never measure. There are countless tools on the internet alone that can measure in all types of forms how any internet-based marketing is going or failing. Taking advantage of technology, digital media marketing can take advantage of changing applications. For instance, 10 years ago, SMS marketing was already a game-changer. Today, android application developments can offer different marketing platforms over a wide array of applications.

So who’s winning the advertising agencies vs digital media agencies battle? If you want to know the bottom line it all depends on what type of marketing you really need, and how you can adopt or assimilate your marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing and Traditional Advertising May Actually Co-exist

Take, for instance, the assertions in the paragraph above. When radio and print media saw their traditional advertising sales slump dramatically, they adopted technology to their needs. So now, while you can still listen to a radio program on your car radio, you can still listen to the same radio program through live streaming. Instead of using just paper, print media is now using digital marketing forms. On the internet front, the story is the same. Amazon and e-bay are doing well on the internet in selling their products, so they don’t need to advertise on radio shows or have tarpaulin streamers hung on posts. One method that could also help increase the popularity of your online business is putting up a billboard ad on a very busy rush-hour-traffic-prone highway.

The bottom line is that there really is no battle. It depends on what your business is, what it does, and what it needs. For maximum results, perhaps you can try a little bit of both.

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