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Social media marketing is now the present “in-thing” when it comes to internet marketing. You can virtually find thousands of articles about the “tips and tricks” that come with social media marketing. However, if you really want to learn about the realities of this type of marketing, it is best if you read it from the experts themselves through their social media marketing blog sites. These blogs are specially written by experts who have had firsthand experience with social media marketing and have even attempted to experiment with new things.

In this article, we have selected what we consider as the best social media marketing blogs to study based on quality content, post frequency, and reader involvement.

  • Jon Loomer

This superb social media marketing blog delivers high-quality articles, videos, and even detailed instructional educational content that shares many types of Facebook marketing knowledge of impressive depths. It is a blog that is well-illustrated, detailed, helpful, and enthusiastic.

  • RazorSocial

RazorSocial gives very detailed and well-illustrated posts and articles about social media tools, the different types, and how to use each one to help in a website’s social media marketing. The instructions are given in easy step-by-step methods, are actionable, practical, and virtually no-nonsense.

You Learn a Lot from Social Media Marketing Blog Sites

  • Socialmouths

This blog on social marketing is authored by the famous Francisco Rosales. It gives readers very practical and down-to-earth advice on social media and its ever-changing features. The advice given in the blog is always practical and good for tactical marketing use. It even gives case studies or how-to examples for its articles.

  • Post Planner

Post Planner is a social media marketing blog that is both practical and witty, realistic, and funny, but that’s only the author’s style so people reading their posts will enjoy their blog visits. The posts are all intelligent and actionable. It even has a collection of Facebook marketing posts that serves as examples including images.

  • Dustn. tv

Dustn. tv is a unique blog that features videos and posts on how to become better social media site storytellers depending on the platform you are posting on. It also has excellent how-to articles and case studies.

  • Danny Brown

This blog publishes in-depth, informative, and timely marketing advice using many SlideShare posts. The posts are all easy to read and smart. They even include examples that are cited with third-party links.

Boom Social

On this blog, the author provides posts that are written in a conversational style, as if you’re talking with a friend over coffee. It offers plenty of advice and case studies on internet marketing. The content here is easy to read and speaks directly to the reader.

Remember To Learn from Internet Marketing, Not Imitate

  • Jenn’s Trends

In Jenn’s Trends, the author uses very simple and concise language to deliver the most important personal perspectives and experiences on social media platforms. The blog has an engaging style that is easy to understand even by non-techie readers and novices.

  • Top Dog Social Media

Top Dog Social Media is the social media blog that really focuses on what is happening lately and the changes in social media platforms. The tips published on this blog are in question-and-answer format with a mix of professional and personal posts.

  • Simply Measured

This blog focuses on trends and changes that happen in social media and internet marketing. All posts will benefit the social media marketer.

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