Good Online Reputation Requires Social Media and Website Development

Starting up a new business website needs good and extensive planning, organizing, and strategizing from both the web company and the business owner. Of course, as the website goes online, its existence is not enough, so you need marketing to make it known to people in order to draw them in and visit. You need to promote the website to get more potential customers who may eventually become buyers. Thus, web development and social media can combine with, and complement each other to give the new website a good starting reputation. This reputation is important since this is what major search engines look for in order to “influence” search engine rankings.

But social media isn’t just about assisting web development to gain page rankings. Rather, social media is important to create that online “buzz” since you just launched a new website, a new company, new products or new services. You promote and market your business by creating an online presence, similar somewhat to putting up billboards or tarps on a busy highway to direct them to your new store.

If done the right way, social media and website development can combine to market the website by firsthand creating and putting in valuable content that will attract the attention of online visitors. Whatever content is created and placed in the website by the web developers can also be posted on social media or reinforced to become better. If the business website has a supporting forum or blog, social media can advertise or share content from those. It’s all about building up rapport with your target niche all starting from the content you place in your website. From that content, feedback from potential customers can be posted on social media and can increase to two-way communication, inquiries, and eventual building up of customer relationships.

Sharing Good Content is Important in Internet Marketing

Quality content combined by social media and website development will do the marketing for you. The content placed by web developers on the website and also appearing on social media means that not only will the content make customers interact with you but also gets the content shared to others. Sharing good and valuable content is one of the strong points of social media and a valuable tool for internet marketing. Naturally, good content is shared by customers and followers of your business to friends who will be tempted to visit your new business website.

Content from both social media and website development is not limited to readable content and articles. To engage a wider audience, you can create and distribute a wide array of newsletters, videos, research papers (if science will prove the effectiveness of your product or service), e-books, and podcasts. Internet marketing strategies have never been limited to just a single aspect, and is not about to do so when marketing using both social media and website development.

 Just a little reminder that if your website developer decides to implement search engine optimization (SEO), link building is no longer a viable means of SEO marketing. Instead, the business will have more success by sharing links from blogs or forums or from the main website on social media and attempting to open conversations over it. Or, you can do it the other way by placing links of your main website’s content and other internal pages on social media content.