Social Media Groups Every Marketer Should Join

It’s enjoyable and simple to learn in a group setting.

You must also be a lifelong learner to succeed in the constantly changing world of social media. You’ll be left behind if you don’t do so.

Being up to date with the latest social media platforms, device hacks, and optimization tips can be time-consuming and frustrating.

To complete all of these tasks, you will need to form a group of people who share your goals and objectives. They can also benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.

Social media groups are an excellent tool for accomplishing this. I enjoy being a part of communities and groups because I have met so many wonderful people.

On the other hand, many of these groups are filled with spammy or self-promotional content, and many of them have become inactive.

Consequently, we must consider the following question: which social media groups should you join?

There’s no need to look any further. We have compiled 10 Social Media Groups that every marketer should be a member of. Check them out below. This list includes active LinkedIn groups, informational and interactive Facebook groups, and top Twitter chats, amongst other resources.

Top LinkedIn Social Media Marketers Group

Digital Marketing Professionals

79k+ members

The group is exclusive to members of the International Association of Digital Marketing Professionals (IADMP). A global network of innovators, senior marketers, branders, entrepreneurs, digital executives, designers, web project managers, business leaders, developers, and anyone is working in the digital community leverages digital, mobile, and social media marketing.

Discussion topics range from social media marketing to mobile marketing to search engine marketing, online PR to email marketing, online advertising to measurement and web analytics to best practices in digital marketing.

1850k+ members

This group, which is supported by the largest LinkedIn group in the world dedicated to social media marketing, assists organizations of all sizes in leveraging social media to attract more followers, sales, employees, and clients, among other things.

Social Media Marketing Today

245k+ members

A community of social media professionals and professionals in public relations, marketing, advertising, and any other field in which a thorough understanding of social networks is important is based in New York City.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

41k+ members

A community for growth marketers who are aware of the rapidly evolving social, search, and inbound marketing spaces, SM&SEO is an online social media and search engine optimization community. They provide free white papers and reports to help you stay updated on the latest B2B industry trends and best practices.

Group discussions cover a wide variety of topics on Local SEO, SEO, B2B Inbound Marketing, Growth Marketing, B2B Advertising, Growth Hacking, Growth Hacker, B2B Social Media Marketing, B2B Social Media, B2B Search Engine Marketing, B2B Lead Generation, SEM, B2B SEO, Online Marketing, Internet Start-up Marketing, eMarketing, Inbound Lead Gen and B2B Social Media & SEO, Growth Hacking.

Top Facebook Social Media Marketers Group

Online Social Media Marketing and Sales Training

12k+ members

This is a place for our Social Media Marketing students to come together and share their marketing experiences as a support group. They support students to develop and learn new skills through this group.

Social Media Marketing, Marketing and PR Jobs


The mission of this group is to assist individuals in discovering new opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of social media. Since the group’s formation, we have taken advantage of a wide range of marketing opportunities made possible by the proliferation of social media.

Social Media Marketers by SocialPilot

Meet like-minded and creative social media marketers and get the best buzz around social media! Find out the best tips, tricks, and insights about social media marketing! They look forward to learning endlessly and empowering each other.

Twitter Chats for Marketing


Mondays at 9 pm EST

Want to talk about anything and everything related to #SocialMedia? This is where you should be.


Wednesdays at 3 pm EST.

This is a Twitter chat where you can learn about the tips and tricks of social media marketing.


Tuesdays at 9 pm EST

This discussion, which a well-known marketing influencer will moderate, will focus on new social media and content marketing perspectives.

Digital Marketing

Strategy Session

Coming Soon!

Some of our Clients

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