Social Media Research is a Must for Social Marketing

It’s one thing to open social media platforms for your brand exposure, post content, and engage customers with comments and replies. It’s another matter to do proper social media research to see if your brand is getting proper exposure, you get more traffic to your sites, and perhaps getting the upper hand over your competition, or vice versa.

You need to consider if your social media marketing is doing more plain advertising and posting rather than understanding what your target niche market really wants. It’s one thing to generate more leads but it’s another matter to come up with clever hashtags to create more followers so these followers can create even more followers and share your brand and generate even more leads. Thus, you need good social media research skills to analyze trends and topics for your brand.


Facebook isn’t just essential to your success; it also is for your competitors. You can’t just make profiles, have likes, click like, and share. Your competition is doing that as well. You need to do a graph search that compiles information based on phrases about your brand and displays popular posts, topics, and users related to these keyword phrases. You can also do this with the competition to see how they rank. You also need to study and analyze how groups are extensively doing in terms of sharing posts, pictures, and other feeds and content. You need to be able to also track their comments to better understand what really appeals to them.

Brand Exposure and Social Media Must Support Each Other


You get high-quality results by only using low quantity and low-quality posts. Some tweets are often no more than 2 sentences long, and often in broken English if used quickly and successively. And yet this is the unofficial favorite social media site of millennials since it gives them 24/7 coverage among social media platforms. Like the tools used in Facebook for graph search and group analytics, you can use a Twitter analytics tool that can gather and analyze important information for you such as hashtag usage, most-retweeted posts, most mentioned posts, and most replied to posts.


This is the network of choice (or default) for professionals. This is often the site for studying B2B and the competition. You can normally do brand exposure by gaining connections to groups or what is called circles. These circles allow companies to connect directly with their customers. You also need to monitor feeds, active topics and analyze the demographics of the customers provided by circles so you can post the most influential content for them.

The Cornerstone of All Brand Exposure is Improved Customer Service

Brand exposure also means great customer service and connecting with customers. Marketers and their staff need to always be prepared for specific points and other sudden contingencies that may pop out in social media, whether positive or negative. This is why social media research is important because it is used to shape customer service and improve it.

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