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Content is king and will always sit on its throne. You probably won’t succeed in Internet marketing without extraordinary content. The problem is it’s time-consuming to create a quality article yourself. You realize you can get it done through other sources, but it’s hard to know which ones are the best. Luckily for you today, you can have a list of the ten best sources of great and affordable from a seasoned marketer and his colleagues. With the input of 10 marketers with over ten years of internet marketing, this list has been compiled to provide tips for writing website content.


Google Alerts

The perfect solution from Google is Google Alerts. There is a shortage of quality content on this platform. It simply brings the newest articles, posts, and press releases about your favourite/related topics to you receive notifications. You can also choose to receive updates via email or an RSS feed. Check out the features offered by Google Alerts for your blog;

Google Alerts Features

  1. It gives you keyword monitoring around the web. You can access anything Google tracks, including news sites, forums, blogs, and the like.
  2. Google alerts deliver mentions of your target keywords to your email address.
  3. You can receive mention in real-time. This ensures that you are always current.


Scoop is unique as it allows you to create an online magazine about your favourite topics. It will give you all the relevant topics need from across the Web. You select the items you want in your magazine. Then, you can personalize the magazine and share it with your community through various social outlets. In addition, you can utilize the articles for inspiration as you write. Below are ideas on how Scoop. It can help you.

Scoop Features

  1. The Scoop community offers great content related to any business.
  2. You can get what you need that suits your brand.
  3. Reach your audience with your topic across the most popular media websites.


Alltop pulls the best from the Web and organizes it by topic. It orders all the important content needed like any other search engine. This is overlooked but extremely useful. Below are Alltop features that might be helpful for you.

Alltop Features

  1. AllTop gives you the absolute best news sources for any topic.
  2. It provides topics that are carefully curated and constantly updated
  3. It sources the most important news stories of the day for a topic along with the conversation.


This site gives you access to the top trending content articles around the Internet, as c by the opinion of its community members. This gives you valuable insight into what people want. Read on to find out why Digg is helpful.

Digg Features

  1. Digg can lead you to some new incoming links from sites with interesting content. These incoming links are a great way to increase your page rank.
  2. Digg can assist you in increasing the number of visitors to your site daily, as well as the number of people who subscribe to your feed.
  3. Digg can be your first step to connect to top social media sites with great content.

social media

Social media outlets like Twitter:

This is a great source for determining what’s trending all around the world. This is necessary to determine the type of content that is required. People who wish to establish an online presence do so primarily through social media platforms. Familiarize yourself with the benefits of Social media.

Social Media Outlets Features

  1. Social media categories help you understand why people use them can open new ideas for your content.
  2. You can find the most recent and best news by using social media.
  3. Using this system, you can categorize users based on their interests and find the right niche for your brand.
  4. It is possible to create great content from posts on forums. You can also find people willing to get quality content done for you at negotiable prices.


The posts on forums can offer wonderful insights that can be turned into great content. You can also find people willing to get quality content done for you at negotiable prices.

Forum Features

  1. Forums have different topics from what’s new, trending, and ending and what’s controversial.
  2. The topics that you can find in different forums are more likely to have an active group of users who are willing to discuss the subject further.
  3. The forum was one of the first internet devices where users could message each other via posted text messages.

Related News Sites

A few major outlets are cool with you using their work. This is a plausible solution if you don’t care about content quality and duplicate content. Be sure to check if they are cool with it first.

Related News Sites Features

  1. News sites provide breaking news or historical perspectives on a topic.
  2. These sites provide what you need to learn more about a culture, place, or time from its sources.
  3. News sites provide information for you to keep up with what is going in the world today.

PLR articles

It is perfect if you need many articles in a related field that you don’t mind others using. You can find cheap packs almost everywhere on the internet. All you have to do is search for your keyword along with PLR articles on Google.

PLR articles Features

  1. Using PLR reduces brainstorming & research time.
  2. With its help, you can mould and shape your goal content into a more aesthetically pleasing form.
  3. It helps you decrease expenses through membership with PLR than hiring new writers/ghostwriters.


This is a great source for quality content if appropriately utilized. This is the perfect solution for many marketers when it comes to finding a solution to any internet marketing problem. Whatever your content needs are articles, videos, or other types of content, it’s almost a guarantee you can get it on Fiverr. A question of quality comes about when the content is so cheap but be rest assured quality is fantastic. Be sure to consider reviews and ratings when picking a provider.

Fiverr Features for Content

  1. There are top-rated writers on Fiverr who write content for the service.
  2. Industry companies and experts can check and criticize content from Fiverr.
  3. It provided literary forms of content.

Your friends

If you keep healthy relationships and constantly communicate with people, you will be surprised at the amount of content you can get from people. If it is done right is almost free too.

  1. There is no other source that is more updated than people brainstorming and talking about the latest trends.
  2. Friends are more often the most reliable source who can have.
  3. You can always get additional information by asking them instantly.

Tips in using sources for content

There are plenty of sources to get your hands a unique and quality content. You need the right tools, attitude, and knowledge to identify the best content for your brand or website. Just try to remember these techniques to come up with your target content.

  1. Learn how to use your analytics to come up with content ideas.
  2. Handle competitive analysis and content research to come up with content ideas.
  3. Revisit, improve and update your older posts.

Good luck in your search for great content.


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