Remember that Content is King, Even When Repurposed for a Social Media Blog

Welcome to the 21st century, where people aim for likes and laughs instead of content quality on social media platforms, and loyalty is at a premium rather than seeking the influencers who visit a social media blog site for quality content.

This is the age of social media marketing where, ironically, not much time is spent reading good quality content. Yet, this content still gets many likes, shares, retweets, repins, or reblogs simply because the first two sentences are quite good. For a simpler analogy, today’s culture is the fast “hook up culture” because of social media, and yet not many people know how to date.

A Social Media Blog is the Best Support Unit for Social Media Marketers

And going back to the topic of quality content, many social media marketers are aware of just how hard and precious it is to come up with resources to create better and more quality content with high marketing value. So, if you’re on the short end of content creation and you really want to capture the attention of this generation who don’t know how to date, let alone read good content on social media, you can always find quality content by repurposing and recycling past content into a different format. This also allows you to use the same content and target a whole new audience or niche market.

If you have a social media blog site, all you need to do is find quality content from your website, archived content, or other social media sites and recycle it. You don’t have to repurpose everything; select the ones that you still consider “evergreen” or either have done well in the past that may once again appeal to more or newer audiences.

Convert your infographics into SlideShare presentations

If you have several infographics that give out good information about your brand or product, or perhaps instructional infographics that cover the “tips and tricks” of things, you can convert these into SlideShare presentations. SlideShare has a large community of users and followers.

Use a past article content and convert it into a Facebook Image Post

Get an important sentence or quote from that article and convert it into a Facebook image post that will again promote the article. Naturally, the article must appear after the image post, or it can link to a page on your main website.

Convert a step-by-step instructional guide article into a YouTube Instructional

Visual marketing is now the new trend in social media marketing. If you have a ton of how-to tutorials and step-by-step guide articles from the past, convert them into top-notch instructional videos. The added advantage here is that people will now visibly see your product or at least see your brand or company logo on the bottom of the top right-hand corner of the video.

Convert One-page Reports or LinkedIn Posts into Social Media Blog Content

Many marketers have seen the success of reports or posts on LinkedIn, so why not republish the same in your social media blog to capture a wider audience? You can even summarize it, link to the original post, or highlight important points.