Grow Your Business By Hiring the Services of a Social Media Consultant

In the simplest of phrases, if you have an online business or company, hiring a social media consultant will greatly benefit you. And because no business or company wants to stagnate, getting a consultant to manage your social media marketing will help you grow your business or company.

Even if you have a small online presence on social media, this may not be enough for brand exposure alone, especially if only your employees are taking care of the social media campaign and no one is focused on it. There’s a big difference when a social media consultant is focused on your social media campaigns.

Social Media Statistics that Can Affect Your Online Business

Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant

Social media statistics will show you the big difference in real-time marketing that only a social media presence can offer for any online business.

In terms of online adults alone with the ability to make a purchase or make a decision for others to purchase:

  • Seventy-one percent use Facebook daily.
  • Twenty-three percent use Twitter daily.
  • Twenty-six percent use Instagram at least once a week.
  • Twenty-eight percent use Pinterest at least once a week.
  • Twenty-eight percent use LinkedIn almost daily.
  • Fifty-two percent now use 2 or more social media sites.
  • More than half of these adults 65 and older (around 56 percent) use Facebook. This is around 31 percent of the whole senior population.
  • Fifty-three percent of young and professional adults aged 18-29 use Instagram. Half of these use the site almost daily.

Hiring a social media consultant can create a unique strategy for your online business. They understand proper social media strategy and the know-how to apply this to your online business. Remember that posts on Facebook should be completely different on Google+. Should there be content the same over some platforms, it is now the strategy to deliver the message differently to hit a different target market.

Hiring a social media consultant means that the company or business can now:

  • Go after its targeted niche market or markets.
  • Go for both short-term and long-term business and marketing objectives.
  • Create brand awareness.
  • Integrate social media into other internet marketing activities for the business.
  • Engage customers directly and in real-time through social media.

Anything that goes through social media needs to be scrutinized well, which is a necessity. This is so you can see what strategies, tactics, and campaigns work for the brand and what doesn’t. You can also see that what works with one target market will not work with another age group. You can also see what social media campaigns lead to the main business website traffic.

Remember that no business, no matter what the size, can be on all social media platforms simultaneously. This will only stretch time and resources to the breaking point. Not every product can be marketed on Twitter, and not everything can be promoted on Facebook. For instance, marketing a law firm on Twitter will make more sense than using Instagram.

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LSI helped Rebecca’s Dream create a well designed and functional website. Our site reflects who we are and the great work we do. It’s easy to use, visually pleasing and modern. LSI has also assisted us with curated content for the website and social media along with newsletter design. They have been responsive, friendly, reliable, creative and supportive to our goals, mission and efforts as a non profit. I would highly recommend LSI.

Kathleen Illes, Executive Director | Rebecca's Dream
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