Social Media Marketers Need to Study Other Campaigns

You can learn more about social media campaigns by studying how others did it that gave them paid dividends for their creativity and innovation.

All social media marketers know that social media is like a heaven-sent marketing tool. And when customers engage the company on social media, this adds to the heavenly feeling. It really shows that your brand or product is making an impact on your target market. Aside from the social engagement banter, you also get to:

  • Gain invaluable insights into who your customers are.

  • Have the chance to promote future offers, sales, discounts, etc. to these same customers who become loyal brand followers.

  • Ideally engage customers directly.

  • Have instant feedback, whether negative or positive, but you get to see right away if your social media campaigns are having any effect on potential and present customers.

Again, one of the best ways to learn is to learn from the experts and to learn from past social media campaigns:

Toys R Us

The aim of its social media marketing campaign was to engage with families using social media in the run-up to Christmas 2012 and 2013 as well.

The Toys R Us campaign was simple but highly effective. A callout was sent to parents, asking them to submit their family pictures or snapshots to be featured in the company’s Big Family Album area on Facebook. The pictures could depict anything from home activities or vacations; anything so long as the family was depicted. The most-liked and commented-on images were then aired in the company’s Christmas commercial.

The results?

  • 90,000 new Likes were directly attributed to the successful campaign after only one month. The likes and shares continued even after that.

  • The campaign was warmly received by parents with 51.9% saying that it produced a positive effect because it focused on family and family values.

Social Media Marketers Need to Do Detailed Research

The above is only one example (and there are many if you just do some thorough researching) but you need to remember that for social media campaigns to be successful, they need to be, well, social. That’s why they’re called social media. The more innovative, creative, and fun the campaign is, the more chances that your niche target market will want to be involved.

One way to innovate or be creative is to see that your social media marketers add value to your customer’s experience or takes in positive emotion. The above campaign targeted families and this had a great appeal since Christmas time is for family time and gatherings. Many who got involved thought it would be another way to bring a family closer by sharing their snapshot on social media.

Images Play A Huge Role in Social Media Marketing

By now you would have seen that images and pictures can play a large leading role in any campaign. Images add a realistic touch of humanization that many people will enjoy and relate to because it touches what is personal for them. It gives them something that they can look back to in the future that they were happy to participate in.

Photo Credit | Flikr

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