Improving Social Media Strategy Has Proved to Be Beneficial for Businesses

Social media is now proving to be an effective marketing and communication tool for online businesses. Consider these numbers if your business still isn’t into social media marketing:

Of all other internet marketing strategies, social media is now the number one channel that businesses plan to increase budgets in 2015 and 2016.

64 percent of businesses now see social media strategy as critical in enabling their products and services to reach more of their target niche.

53 percent of customers expect a social media response in just one hour and 72 percent expect it at least in 24 hours when they have complaints.

Important Steps in Enhancing Social Media Strategy

However, many online businesses still stick to the old passive social media marketing of simply posting sales-oriented messages and only doing passive social responses to customers. For a good social media strategy to be successful and really spread the word for a brand or company, the following four steps must be undertaken:


The first step that all online businesses need to do is broad listening. They need to find out what communities or groups exist inside social media networks that may discuss the industry connected to their brand or their brand itself. When you do this listening then you are already focused on possible potential customers that can be converted later on. Later on, you can join in on conversations and slowly introduce your brand.


Now that you’re hearing what people are discussing and saying about you or the industry, it’s time to contribute more to these conversations by publishing what connects to a specific conversation. It doesn’t necessarily mean posting something every two hours to respond to a certain conversation. It gives you a chance to introduce and explain it to your audience, perhaps offering them a better alternative or option that will really benefit them.

Community Management

You’re listening, posting, and conversing, and so now it’s time to develop different types of conversations, replies, comments, and answering inquiries and complaints and not taking too long to do these. For instance, if a complaint or inquiry is posted, say, on Facebook, the reply should never take more than an hour.

Customer Care

This last step is what sets social media strategy apart from traditional marketing and other internet marketing strategies. Assuming that you were able to convert leads to make sales, you continue to provide impeccable customer service by conversing continuously with customers on how they use the product, how they feel, if they have any complaints, and if they may have ideas on how to improve the product. When you continue interacting with your customers even after the purchase, chances are they might become repeat buyers when you have a new product or upgrade, or they may spread the word of your product and share your posts with other people they know. This is the holy grail of social media strategy because you have all your customers in one place, albeit regardless of whether it is Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and being able to respond to them even in minutes. Again, this great advantage is not seen in any other social media strategy out there.

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