Poor Online Reputation Management Can Dent Your Company’s Sales

There are many social media marketers and even online marketing experts out there, but only a handful understand how important online reputation management is. Regardless of how well you execute your online marketing strategies, a complaint left unresolved can be detrimental to your business. Have you tried looking up your company on Google lately? What comes out in the top 10 search results? Are they mostly positive or alarmingly negative? If your search yields even a single negative result, this could spell trouble for your brand.

Online Reputation Management Has a Big Impact on Revenue

The stakes are high for both small and large businesses when it comes to managing their reputations online. Competitors can go as far as employing guerilla marketing tactics and planting false-negative reviews to destabilize your brand. Regrettably, search engines capture these fabricated reviews and are often published among the first 10 results when your business name or brand is looked up.

Always take note of reputation issues.

Product complaints, unaddressed grievances, unsatisfactory customer service, or even an employee that was fired and decided to wreak havoc to ruin your reputation are equally impactful. When you fail to address negative feedback in real-time, this tends to have a snowball effect. Soon, your online reputation management efforts are rendered futile, and damage control will feel as improbable as stopping an avalanche.

Top Management Reputations Can Affect Online Marketing Reputation

Top-level management plays a pivotal role in any business to the extent that they become synonymous with the brand name. CEOs or COO’s who tend to be more well-known and have their names and pictures plastered all over the company website can best illustrate this. Other companies wanting to invest will always look into top management-level reputations before delving into B2B ventures. Media personalities who have had past working experiences with top-level management will zero in and post or write content about these top-level executives.

Positive search engine results today are not guaranteed for the rest of the week.

Just because you searched your company or brand, and everything came out peachy on search engine results today doesn’t mean it’s the same tomorrow or the rest of the week. Search engine results can either slightly or drastically change based on the latest news, social media, your online marketing activities, and even guerilla marketing. Creating and maintaining a positive online reputation is a continuous and ongoing process when social media is concerned.

Always be sociable

Implementing a robust social media strategy is a key factor in online reputation management. If you’re maintaining two or three social media accounts, maximize your brand’s potential by interacting with everyone on those platforms regularly. Offer high-quality engagement by joining conversations, proactively answering questions, and responding to criticism constructively. Keep your social media accounts updated with quality, relevant, and engaging content to drive potential hijackers away. Consider setting up a business blog to support your online reputation management initiatives and differentiate you from similar businesses.