Content is king and always will sit on its throne. You probably won’t succeed in Internet marketing without extraordinary content. The problem is its time consuming to create quality content yourself. You realize you can get it done through other sources but it’s hard to know which ones are the best. Luckily for you today you can have a compilation of the 10 best sources of great and affordable content from a seasoned marketer and his associates. With the input of 10 marketers with over 10 years of internet marketing each, this list has been compiled.

Google Alerts: The perfect solution from Google is Google Alerts. This is underutilized as a source of quality content. It simply brings the newest articles, posts, and press releases about your favorite/related topics to you. receive notifications. You can also choose to receive updates via email or an RSS feed. is unique as it allows you to create an online magazine about your favorite will give you all the relevant content need from all across the Web. You select the items you want in your magazine. Then, you can personalize the magazine and share it with your community through various social outlets. In addition, you can utilize the articles for inspiration as you write.

Alltop: Alltop pulls the best from the Web and organizes it by topic. It orders all the important content needed like any other search engine. This is overlooked but extremely useful.

Digg: This site gives you access to the top trending articles around the Internet, as c by the opinion of its community members. This gives you valuable insight to what people want

Social media outlets like twitter:

This is a great source for determining what’s trending all around the world. This is key in knowing what type of content is needed

Your friends: If you keep healthy relationships and you’re in constant communication with people you will be surprised at the amount of content you can get from people. If done right is almost free too.

Forums: The posts on forums can offer wonderful insights that can be turned into great content. You can also find people willing to get quality content done for you at negotiable prices.

Related News Sites: A few major content outlets are cool with you using their work, this is a plausible solution if you don’t care about content quality and duplicate content. Be sure to check if they are cool with is first

PLR articles: If you need a lot of articles in a related field and don’t care about them being used elsewhere this is a perfect solution for you. You can find cheap packs almost everywhere on the internet. Just search your “keyword” and “plr articles” on Google and you are set. Most are written well too.

Fiverr: This is a great source for quality content if utilized properly. This is the perfect solution for many marketers when it comes to finding a solution with any internet marketing problem. Whatever you content need be it articles, videos or other types of content, it’s almost a guarantee you can get it on fiverr. A question of quality comes about when the content is so cheap but be rest assured quality is fantastic. Be sure to consider reviews and ratings when picking a provider.

Good luck in your search for great content.