The New Trends and Takeaways As Seen by Your Social Media Examiner

A social media examiner can be anyone in your social media marketing team. The main point is that when you examine your social media campaign, you must know and study the new trends and other takeaways that are happening today and if launched by other social media platforms or even by your competition. If this happens, don’t just imitate; imitate but do it better and with a far better effect on your targeted niche market.

A Social Media Marketing Team Needs to Have at Least One Social Media Examiner

Social Media is a hotbed for all sorts of discussion, a place where people come together to discuss their experiences or the latest news and then pass the information onto their friends and family. It is one of the most powerful ways to connect with others and market your products and business successfully. Suppose you are a company owner or head of marketing for a major corporation. In that case, it is in your best interests to hire a social media consultant who can help you leverage this tool to your advantage.

Having a dedicated social media examiner on your marketing team can:

  • Do wonders for your business.

  • Helps promote communication between your staff.

  • Helps to hold employees accountable for their social media usage.

One of the most important tasks for any company’s social media team is to regularly monitor and analyze the activities of each of their employees. This will allow you to set goals and reward those employees that are doing well. There is no greater indicator of a company’s productivity than the number of posts that go up on their social media sites or how many comments they make concerning various topics. A company’s social media team should be accountable for analyzing these trends and posting timely and relevant information accordingly. The only way to be successful in this endeavor is to develop a culture of online communication within your company.

A company’s social media team needs to understand how every piece of content published on the Internet affects the search engine rankings. When you use search engine optimization techniques, it is important to remember that some of the information you publish online affects your ranking strategies. By having a social media consultant on your payroll, you can ensure that your employees’ content writing and post on the company’s social media sites is done so in a manner that will have minimal impact on your search engine rankings.

Another responsibility of your social media consultant is to be an active participant within your business. As a business owner, you have a number of decisions to make regarding the direction in which your company is headed. You need to be willing to listen to what your staff has to say about any issues and consider all input before making any decisions. A social media specialist understands the importance of maintaining open lines of communication with all of your staff members. Having an individual available to take calls from your employees is imperative to the efficiency of your business.

Video is still hot in any format but only in short bursts

Naturally, YouTube is the number one player here no matter what happens. Video is here to stay and there are now other embedded players coming into the picture like Vimeo, but the simple message is that video statistics prove that it has the most massive effect on any type of niche market out there. Other important players coming in are Instagram and its 15-second videos and Vine with its 6-second videos. Even Twitter’s new tool, Periscope, is beginning to make waves with businesses.

Visual content will always drive traffic

While some other social media examiner will tell you that engagement and interaction are the keys to customers, it’s not everything with social media marketing. Visual content is what drives customers to engage and interact with you, AND, also encourages customers to subscribe, become repeat customers, or just simply to BUY. Visual content has been proven to drive sales. While videos are on top of this list, the images you post can also make a great impact on customers. This is why it’s always good advice to include images in anything you post on any social media platform, including Twitter.

Consistency versus frequency

How often do you post on social media? Four times a week? Three times? Once a week? There are many actual statistics now being uncovered by social media examiners that posting once a week compared to posting three times a week produces almost the same amount of traffic. Instead of posting so many times in a week, it’s better to just post or update once a week but consistently on all your social media platforms. When your readers, followers, and visitors see just how consistent you are each week (say, you post every Tuesday, at a set time), and that your content is becoming more and more helpful to your readers, chances are your content will be shared more often and you’ll see more traffic not only in your social media sites but also in your main website. Exceptions to weekly posts can be sudden updates like events or the launching of a new product or upgrade or any special announcements that affect the product or customer. Promotions and sales are also exceptional posts that will always grab customer attention fast.

Remember: Marketing your business on social media requires you to be very aware of your publishing content. Your employees need to understand the tone of the posts that you make regarding your company on various social media outlets. If you choose only to post positive posts, there is a chance that your social media team will take notice of this and post something that will negatively affect your company. On the other hand, if you decide to post content that includes praise for your company, there is a good chance that you are going to receive positive feedback from your staff, and you will build trust within your organization.

Building trust within your business is vital to your success as a business owner. Without trust, your customers can become wary of purchasing your products or services. When looking for a marketing team that you can hire, make sure that the individuals they hire have at least one year of experience in Internet marketing. The more experience they have, the better equipped they will be to help you promote your business and its products.

Perhaps It’s Time Your Social Media Marketing Team Turn to Pinterest

Pinterest is now being called the “Google of Images” and is receiving more business traffic today as opposed to Instagram. However, you shouldn’t count out Instagram yet, or any other image-heavy social media platform for that matter. Remember the above that visual content brings in more sales, so the more images you can show, the better for your business and brand.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to every smart Internet Marketer that if you want to see real results in your business, then perhaps it’s time your social media marketing team turns to Pinterest. It’s fast and easy. You can even set up your blog there. And the result for your business may just be “viral,” – meaning your business will spread like wildfire from one person to the next. It really can work.

Before you get excited and start digging into this strategy, though, make sure you fully understand the potential pitfalls of Pinterest as a marketing platform. A critical part of any good social media marketing plan is to build trust with your audience before you launch your campaign. You need to give them a reason to trust you. You can’t sell to them. You can’t pitch to them or promote to them; you have to engage with them and make them feel like they are a part of what makes your business unique.

So, how does one person, such as yourself go about building trust and turning potential customers into advocates?

  • Think about your business, your particular business offers, and who your target audience is.

  • Research these groups through online directories such as Digg and Reddit to determine their interests.

  • Once you have a list of interests, you can then create posts that are more relevant to your audience.

When you write your posts, keep in mind that many people will not share everything you write or will only share parts of it. Write on the specific topic that you know will generate conversation and that you have information about. It may be obvious, but if you fail to communicate enough important information to your reader, they may not be convinced to act.

Your social media marketing team may recommend other tactics to draw attention to your website, which is a great idea. However, you want to remember that your goal here is to improve your traffic and ultimately increase sales. Another strategy that is becoming popular is video marketing. You can take any video that you may have recorded and make it available for free on YouTube. However, you want to make sure that you only promote quality content or end up hurting your business.

If you follow the advice provided here, you can easily become an expert on almost any topic, and you can help others benefit from your expertise. Social media marketing teams are invaluable when it comes to getting exposure for businesses of all sizes. So, perhaps it’s time that you start considering the use of Pinterest for marketing purposes.

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