Project Description

Web Design

Whether your business has a web presence or not, our approach will help you gain more customers.

Our methodologies apply to most companies, and can be tailored to your desired outcomes.

Creative, relevant and targeted designs that empower you to choose your level of “hands-on” involvement.

Rapidly changing content? No problem – we enable you to handle it in-house or be your partner to handle it for you.


Search engine optimization is a form of marketing that is the process of getting free traffic from the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

A company with a poorly “SEO”- optimized website is virtually invisible to potential customers who are searching (online) for products or services that are relevant to that company.

We offer highly specialize SEO services that are designed to increase traffic website traffic on an ongoing, consistent basis.

Keyword Research

Keyword research seems archaic, but in today’s SEM (Search Engine Marketing) world it’s even more fundamental than ever.

As the web becomes ever more competitive, selecting the right keywords can make or break your campaign. Our web design projects generally include minimal keyword research, which can always be expanded upon.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design


Design Mockups

Brand Strategy

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

The LSi Media team are absolutely fantastic! Responsive, talented, trust worthy, reasonable and kind. You couldn’t find a better team to work with.
LSi Media is an excellent partner to tackle strategic web and social media marketing issues. They have excellent client side experience, backing up the practical with professional understanding of the role of brands and the communications process. They are extremely energetic, self motivated and able to swiftly build and assimilate data and information. I was also impressed with their Project management skills, communications abilities and capability to convey and sell their recommendations to Executive management. The project has been fully adopted and has transformed our thinking and understanding of Social Media and Search Engine Marketing.

A strong recommendation!