What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising doesn’t look that easy to implement but it’s certainly easy to get wrong from all angles. A successful social media marketing campaign needs both solid strategic planning and flexibility implementation.

The most solid challenge that any social media advertising may face is expectations. Social media marketers need to understand – and make their clients understand as well – that the client’s business, company, and goals determine what social media can do and can’t do as well. Just because there are a lot of social media platforms doesn’t mean that all of these must be utilized by the social media firm. A true marketing firm should know this, and they need to make the client understand this as well.

Twitter and Facebook are used in Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has its own hype not found in other internet marketing formats and most especially not in traditional marketing. Facebook commands at least some 1.3 billion users a month. Twitter can break news stories faster than any news outlet. Pinterest and Instagram bring out the best in image advertising. Social media has no hype shortage. This is because whatever target market or niche is out there, all of them are into social media. Finding and engaging those potential customers is only a matter of tweaking the right content, conversation, or even controversy to get them to like, share, talk, discuss, and eventually convert.

Traditional marketing doesn’t have two-way interactions

The best thing about social media is that it is two-way. It can have reciprocity. Unlike other advertising avenues, social media advertising gives customers the chance to talk back, complain, or discuss your brand and company. Part of expectations means expecting the unexpected from customers. If for some reason the company has a strong protectionist reflex or is too careful with its brand integrity, then social media might not be for them. Part of social media marketing expectations is to expect customers to talk back, positively, and negatively. Companies expecting only positive feedback are unrealistic companies.

Even though negative feedbacks, successful brands on social media are prepared and excited to converse with all customers. It’s all part of the brand improvement plan because to fix any root issues with the product must always start with its customers. These successful companies know what to expect and face all types of positive, negative, weird, suggestive, and even far-out feedbacks and embraces all for what it is – the opportunity to get closer and interact with customers.

The Role You Play in Social Media Marketing

Expect to do the hard work

A true social media marketing firm doesn’t just count the likes and shares. They know how to engage these likes and shares into two-way conversations that may eventually lead to a conversion and sale. Even a potential client just “following” your company can become a tenuous relationship that leads to more sales via the follower’s social media “friends.” To do all this means expecting to apply plenty of hard work by creating conversations, interactions, and funnels to capture these potentials that are actively searching and just happened to enter your social media sphere.