LinkedIn Changes and how they may effect your business

LinkedIn Changes and how they may effect your business

LinkedIn-Groups1LinkedIn Changes and how they may effect your business

LinkedIn has just announced that is is doing away with the Products & Services tab from all Company Pages.  The Products & Services tab will still be visible until April 14th 2014, however you are no longer able to add any new products.  On April 14th they will be gone altogether.

What replaces that capability?  LinkedIn Showcase Pages and updates.  Initially LinkedIn will allow us to create up to 10 Showcase pages and apparently we get to request more if needed per company.  As it has a nice feature banner, text about the page is very limited and the remainder consists of updates.

It remains to be seen how this update increases a company’s’ visibility and the ability to actually “showcase” their products and services, as each Showcase page needs to build its own following.  The power however is in the updates and brings the focus even more on a much needed ongoing Social Media Campaign and consistent management thereof.

So, not given the choice, let’s embrace the ever changing landscape of our beloved social media platform!


About the Author:

Sabine Grant

Coming from a small town in Austria, I set out with big dreams and curiosity and moved into the uncertainty of another continent. The journey has been rewarding and one of constant growth.

From starting a network integration business, to learning new modalities, being part of setting a standard in the then new and uncharted territories of cloud back-up, with business and organizational development, project and program management, to being part of 2 acquisitions.

Aligning a companies online presence with its vision and projecting an image that attracts new potential customers, converts leads,elevates website SEO and ranking has turned into a natural extension and lead me to create LSi Media.